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Tray Bake - chocolate toffee fingers

Chocolate Toffee Stuff/fingers. Aka millionaire's shortbread. With photos :)

And yes i know its not Wednesday but I didn't want another tag :)

8oz marg
2oz sugar
10oz flour

8oz marg
1 lge tin condensed milk
2 tbsp syrup
4oz sugar

1 large pkt cooking choc

cream marg and sugar.
Add flour
spread evenly over base of lined tin
bake 5 mins gas 4/180C/350F
then bake further 20 mins gas 3/160C/325F
Cool in the tin

melt marg
add milk, sugar and syrup
bring to boil
boil 5 mins stirring all the time
Pour over cooled shortbread
cool in the tin

melt choc as per instructions on packet
pour over COLD caramel
Cool in the tin

The end product :)

made in response to the pink whisk challenge Nov 2011


Ruth Ellis said…
Anything with boiled condensed milk is a winner - delicious!

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