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yay slideshow works

Finally sussed out the slide show so it works. :D It shows pics of Woodley aka Headley Cross. The kids hols start today, so even tho it means I have almost 3 weeks off work, means I have kids under my feet for 3 weeks too.

Pre-contract form done

Pre contract form filled in and sent back. A very basic author site is up and running and I mean very basic. It's a blank page with my bio link on it. I'm useless at html. Can't even put tabs on here lol. Never mind do fancy things. But still. It's there and once things get rolling season for miracles will be added to it.

authors site

I have to make my author page now :D. Only I seriously have no idea how to do it. Blank pages I can manage. Links I can manage but posh sites with tabs and picutres and stuff... no... help....

I did it

All I want has been pre contracted by white rose press :) It needs a new title and prob lots of edits but I don't mind one bit :) Now all i need is my comp fixed cos that decided to pack up and die last night after an overhead thunder storm, hail and tornado watch! yeah, in March. hubby thinks its the power supply unit, so he ordered me a new one. should come tomorrow hoepfully


Yes, three m/s's currently submitted. And prob 3 rejection letters coming my way in the next few weeks. But do I care? ye...uh, no. I have this BIG folder called NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN on my USB pen. And this is where a copy goes before the one on the HD goes in the recycle bin and my dalek voice exterminate, anihilate, destroy's it. ;-)

Easter or when the assistant pastor got hungry

I know its a couple weeks off yet, but every time I see daffodils I'm reminded of Andrew Page, our then assisstant pastor. I was 16 so this is many years ago now. Andrew is now Pastor of his own church, ironically the same one this happened it. Picture the scene. 500 ppl in the congregation, and a load of over excited children as its Easter. Andrew starts the children's talk by asking what the children had had for breakfast. Cornflakes, toast and so on. He picks a daffodil from the flower arrangement on the platform and breaks off a piece of the stem and eats it. He continues to talk about breakfast, all the time breaking off pieces of the stem and eating it. Then he moved on to Easter Eggs. How many and what kinds. How many had they eaten. Was chocolate better than cornflakes for breakfast. He pulls off the petals one by one and eats them. Silence fills the church, and I mean you could hear a pin drop. He continues to talk and eat until he's eatne the whole flower!

harder than it sounds

I've caught so many errors already. Writing someone who is deaf from their pov is a lot harder than it appears. For example - A bang almost like a firecracker, came from just behind him and he jerked, shock written across his face. Another bang. Then he fell sideways landing on Dinah. She dropped her phone, the camera going off again as she did. Automatically she cradled the dying man, landing on the floor with him. So what's wrong with that? She's deaf, she won't hear it. So it becomes. A flash came from just behind him and he jerked, shock written across his face. Another flash. Then he fell sideways landing on Dinah. She dropped her phone, the camera going off again as she did. Automatically she cradled the dying man, landing on the floor with him.

titles are irrelevant, so are lightbulbs

So how many borg does it take to replace a lightbulb? Replacement is futile Darkness is irrelevant Prepare to be assimilated. On a different note - I have great problems inserting photos. I read a blog on here the other day, one by Robert Leeshock actually, that had photos scattered all across it, but can I work out how to do that? Uh, no. I had to cheat here and place the pic then press enter several times so I could write above it. Whether it will work is another matter. Anyway - meet Yannick Bisson. He's in Sue Thomas FB Eye and the Murdoch Mysteries, both of which are airing here atm. He's the hero of the latest novel. A short - well by my standards - for one of the prompts on the White Rose Blog. Course whether it gets published or even submitted is neither here nor there. Right now hero doesn't have a name, actually hasn't even said anything, tho he did walk into the heroine and vanish without apologising. And all I know about the heroine is that she has a na

look a post

The view from the bedroom window. I do so love sunsets. Still here and still writing. I'm on the 4th draft of Freddie now and wondering if I should change the title to something else. Like After the Fire or A still small voice. I'm leaning towards the later, but I don't know. I'm struggling with the synopsis. They only want a 700 word one, but want a blurb and tagline with it. :O I can't write blurbs and honestly had to look tagline up in the dictionary and really am none the wiser. In other news: Mum and Dad are back from Auz and complaining its cold here. Well yeah, tis still winter in the UK. Theoretically its spring, but its very chilly when leaving the house at 7am to walk to work to cope with 16-18 4-11yr olds before school starts. Today was manic. Fun but manic. Sat here now with Freddie open to edit, a tub of ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream and Earth Final Conflict on the music player. I would normally watch Sue Thomas FB Eye right now, but mana