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found a hero for my tsumani story

Yes, a man in uniform. lol. And a woman in uniform too for good measure. This is Ian Stenlake as LCDR Mike Flynn and Lisa McCune as LEUT Kate McGregor. From the Aussie drama Sea Patrol. I found it on the hallmark channel a few weeks ago and am now hooked. So, he'll play Rob and seriuosly tempted to get her to play Kaylie.


Yes its almost time for 25 days of madness. Yes, I know there are 30 days in Nov. I don't write Sundays and there are 5 of them. Again. My name there is Tels. Oh well, pressures good for you, right? And that's a round 2000 a day rather than the odd 1666. Or something like that. The pics not perfect but I'm not that good at photoshop and that image was like 5 layers and took me a good 3 hours, so I'm pleased with it. :) Its my book cover, sig on the nano forums and I even added a word count calandar to it for my desktop for Nov. It's all planned in ywriter, all my scenes and plots points and all i want to do is write. The waiting is killing me lol. As usual I cast my novel so I can picture the MC and FC better. Wildfire by CL Revell Starring Brad Johnson (Left Behind, Safe Harbour) as Marc Chambers and Lucy Brown(Primeval) as Debra Turpin. Yes my MC's initials are really MC. Was so tempting to do the same with FC ;-) Short synopsis "The fire consu

y writer

I downloaded this a couplehours ago and have more or less worked out how to add scenes and chapters. course it doens't help doing this way out of order and having to guess how far thru said novel the fire is going to happen lol. Does anyone here use the programme? If so, how do i go about putting everything into one doc at the end so i can upload it and get it verifed at the end of Nov or for any other novel i may end up using it for? I may well have missed that in the instruction pdf tht came with it...blame my hunk of an MC, who's name really is MC - don't ask. Is there a way to do it? Or is it good old fashioned copy and paste?


Yes I'm mad but oh well. I have 2 characters, no names and not a vestige of a plot. But that's what nano is all about - right? the madness starts in November. I am Tels on there if you want to check me out and see how I'm going. Or I may - if I have time to do anything else - update my progress on here.

too early?

Is it too early to get my hopes up and start designing a web page for my novels> I know nothing's been published yet, but i have this idea for a site and as the muse is still sick, mind you so am I, don't want to lose it. and what size would i do it? any ideas? but yeah it's prob way too soon and I'll have 3 no thanks you's arriving in my in box. :)