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haven't posted in a while but then don't have anything to say, cept i managed to screw everything up completely this time. maybe they'd be better off without me now.

10 dgrees and getting colder in the UK today

No thats not a screen cap from the day after tomorrow or supervolcano or any other disaster movie. It was taken by NASA Yesterday!!! and as parts of the country reach minus 20C we're colder than the south pole. My parents have the right idea. Assuming the plane can leave England, they go to my brothers in Sydney tomorrow for the rest of the winter

the more it snows, tiddly pom

It started snowing at 5pm last night. Eased off but has since restarted. They reckon we could get 40cm!!!!!!!! That's amost half a metre!!!!!!! Or a third of my height!!!! 16inches in old money. and as far as i know yes i do have to go to work. I work in the school that never closes. Not for anything. And as i have to be there for breakfast club at 7,15, I'm first in. Will most likely be on my own today if there's no transport for B to get in. Which I don't suppose there wil be that early. :D snow joke :P edits in... yes I walked in. School was cancelled - as it is tomorrow. the top pic is me, knee deep in the snow at work!