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Harte's Peak by Maria Michaels

Blurb : Vera Carrington loves her newly renovated home and her cafe, The Bean, but with a balloon mortgage looming over head and a man from her past ready to bounce on her misfortune, she may have to face the agonizing decision of keeping one and selling the other. Deputy Sheriff, Ryan Colton, is a new man in Christ. His days as a flamboyant pro-circuit skier are behind him, but to help Vera keep her home and her business, he agrees to coach her for an upcoming open ski tournament. He even agrees to hand over the purse if he should win. Can Vera beat the odds and win the tournament? Will Ryan save the day, or will they both learn to trust God, no matter the outcome? Extract : “Hey, Vera. Do you have any idea how fast you were going?” Ryan had his flashlight out but avoided shining it in her eyes. “I’m sorry about that. Hit the snooze too many times. I overslept.” He took out his ticket pad, expertly balancing his flashlight. “I know what that’s like.” “I’m not a m

Precious Embrace by Donna B Snow

Blurb : Laura Senton has found peace and happiness, knowing she’s right where she belongs, running her own kitchen at A Piece of Heaven , a Christian coffee house in Pingree, MD. Being partners with her dear friend, Trina, she has carved out a niche and counts her blessings daily for being able to do something she loves doing. When the sins of her past are brought to mind by the appearance of Sean Laylor, her teenage crush, Laura tries to hide from Sean, as well as her own feelings. At first not recognizing Laura because she changed so much, Sean is at a loss as to why she tries to avoid him. He has no idea of what Laura went through years ago, or how she felt toward him, but he still feels a share of the guilt for her past once he learns  some of the choices she made. Both covet the memories of their time together, but sins of the past can be a tough hurdle to get over. Extract : Trina’s voice carried in over the sounds of the crowd. Laura set four salads onto

Moon over Maalaea Bay by H.L. Wegley

Blurb: In an instant the Maui honeymoon of Lee's dreams morphs to a nightmare when Jennifer disappears on their wedding night. Were the abductors the trafficking ring Jennifer crippled or does an even a more sinister organization want her for other purposes. With the clock ticking toward Jennifer's impending sale, Lee, accompanied by their fifteen-year-old foster daughter, Katie, and Jennifer's grandfather, begins his own search of the island. As the search by Lee and the authorities intensifies, he fears beautiful Katie might end up in the crosshairs of the traffickers. Can Lee save both his bride and his future daughter? What if he has to make a choice? If Jennifer is sold, could she kill herself to avoid a life filled with degradation and horror? If she did, would God forgive her? Extract: In light of recent events, she should be dead. Jennifer Akihara should no longer exist. And now she doesn’t. The thought brought a smile to her lips. Nearly ni

Choices by Pamela Thibodeaux

Blurb: Best-selling novelist and songwriter, Camie Rogers has penned numerous accounts of the secret love she holds in her heart. Country-Music Superstar Kip Allen has changed from the shy, humble boy, to the epitome of “star.” Can the two rediscover each other after one night of his Home is where the Heart is Tour? Excerpt: Too soon, the concert was over, and security officers rushed her backstage. Waiting in the shadows apart from the throng of frenzied fans vying for autographs and pictures, she watched with concern as Kip raked his fingers through his hair. He heaved a tired sigh, insisted on no more autographs, and then headed for his dressing room. Camie stepped forward, "Just one more autograph?" Kip turned at her soft request. His eyes lit with recognition, and he gave her an unreserved smile. "Camie!" He enfolded her in a big hug. "What are you doing back here?" A flush warmed her skin at the velvety-roughness of his voice. "I w

In His Sight by Pamela Thibodeaux

Blurb: Grade school teacher Carson Alexander has a gift—a gift that has driven a wedge between him and his family. Worse, it’s put him at odds with God. Feeling alone and misunderstood, Carson views God’s gift of prophecy as the worst kind of curse…that is until he meets Lorelei Conner, landscape artist extraordinaire, and perhaps the one person who may need Carson and his gift more than anyone ever has.   Lorelei Connor is a mother on the run. Her abusive ex-husband has followed her all over the country trying to steal their daughter. Distrusting of men and needing to keep on the move, she’s surprised by her desire to remain close to Carson Alexander. Through her fear and hesitation, she must learn to rely on God to guide her—not an easy task when He’s prompting her to trust a man.  Can their relationship withstand the tragedy lurking on the horizon? Excerpt: Carson Alexander walked through his classroom and tugged desks into a semi circle around the dry eraser board. One

Quick and Easy Homemade Jam

I promise this really is as easy to make as it sounds. And it's delicious. Even hubby who won't eat jam unless its on a scone covered with real clotted cream has been eating it. All you need are equal quantites of fresh fruit and sugar. So I used 400g raspberries 400g granulated sugar 2tsp lemon juice (its roughly 1tsp to each 250g fruit) This made two jars. Heat the jam jars. Either microwave or fill with boiling water. Put everything in the pan and mash slightly. Put a small plate into the freezer to chill. Heat and bring to the boil Boil for 5 mins. Then put a tsp jam onto the cold plate and put in fridge for 30 secs to test setting point If the jam wrinkles when you run your finger through it, its done. other wise boil for another minute and retest. decant into the hot jars and seal immediately. Eat.

A hero for Jessica by Pamela Thibodeaux

Blurb: Anthony Paul Seville is known as the ‘most eligible bachelor’ in New Orleans, possibly even the entire state of Louisiana, but finds himself alone—completely and explicitly alone. Jessica Aucoin is a writer on her way to fame and fortune, but is haunted by a man from her past. Will the “champion” lawyer and the author of romantic suspense find love written in their future?  Excerpt: “Mr. Seville; how very nice to see you again.” “The pleasure’s all mine,” Paul assured. He lifted her hand to his lips and watched her visitor through lowered lids. A dark flush crept up the man’s neck. Anger clouded his face. His eyes took on an ominous glow. The guy spun on his heel and stormed off while muttering under his breath. “Friend of yours?” Paul queried. “Hardly,” Jessica answered, and disengaged her hand from his. The icy tone of her voice warned him not to pry. He supposed now was neither the time nor place for such a discussion. There’d be enough time for that later;

Winter Madness by Pamela Thibodeaux

Blurb: Sienna has survived what most succomb to - the death of a spouse and child and has maintained her faith despite her troubles. William has never met anyone who actually lived out what they say they believe. Is it true love between the faithful optimist and broody pessimist or simply winter madness? Excerpt: Her merry hazel eyes danced with humor, but she simply arched an eyebrow at him without comment and rose from her chair. She held a hand toward him. “Come on, I know what we’re going to do today.” He couldn’t resist the lure of her joy, and grinned as he placed his hand in hers. “What are we going to do?” “I’m going to show you the beauty and joy of life, if only for this one day.” Hope flared in his heart that she may be the one person who could do what he considered the impossible. After all, he’d never really gotten over her. Nor did he forget how she’d touched his heart so many years ago in a way no other had since. They paused at the door to fasten thei

Pamela Thibodeaux week continues with The Visionary

Blurb: A visionary is someone who sees into the future Taylor Forrestier sees into the past but only as it pertains to her work. Hailed by her peers as “a visionary with an instinct for beauty and an eye for the unique” Taylor is undoubtedly a brilliant architect and gifted designer. But she and twin brother Trevor, share more than a successful business. The two share a childhood wrought with lies and deceit and the kind of abuse that’s disturbingly prevalent in today’s society.  Can the love of God and the awesome healing power of His grace and mercy free the twins from their past and open their hearts to the good plan and the future He has for their lives? Excerpt: “Thank you for taking such good care of me.” “I’m not through yet,” he mumbled, then slid off the couch and swung her up in his arms. Fear snuck in, darkening her eyes. She stiffened and opened her mouth to protest. He brushed his lips over hers and silenced her objections. “I just want to hold you,” he whis

Lori’s Redemption (short story spin-off of Tempered Fire) by Pamela Thibodeaux

Blurb: Lori Strickland (introduced in Tempered Fire ) has always been known as her father's "wild child" with no desire to change until she meets ex-bull-rider-turned-preacher Rafe Judson. Her attempts to change her wanton ways come to naught until she realizes redemption only comes with true repentance. Excerpt: Lori headed toward Recluse, Wyoming after another round of rodeos where the cash and prizes vaulted her to the next level of achievement. She hadn’t thought of Rafe in months. Hadn’t allowed herself to think of him, and wouldn’t indulge in useless fantasies now. She’d made peace with the fact she was nothing more than a bad seed and there was no way around it. Oh she tried to be good. She stayed out of the bars for weeks on end, attended the prayer services before or after each rodeo when available, even visited with a group of supposedly devout believers who traveled a state-wide circuit within the national itinerary, but nothing seemed to help or make

Pamela Thibodeaux week

This week: I'm showcasing some of the books of Pamela Thibodeaux.  Author bio: Award-winning author, Pamela S. Thibodeaux is the Co-Founder and a lifetime member of Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Multi-published in romantic fiction as well as creative non-fiction, her writing has been tagged as, “Inspirational with an Edge!” ™ and reviewed as “steamier and grittier than the typical Christian novel without decreasing the message.” Today we're kicking off with her devotion. Blurb: Music is the magical entry into the spirit world; the golden gate into the Kingdom of God. But we mustn’t be of the mindset that God only uses Christian music to reach out and touch our mind, heart and spirit. God uses any and every means available to speak to His children. Our job is to be open and receptive. In this devotional, Pamela S Thibodeaux shares how God opened her spirit to a deeper understanding of the abundance of His grace and mercy throug

The Cat Lady's Secret by Linda W. Yezak

Blurb : Millie wears crazy clothes and carries a tote bag and a fish net to capture feral felines. She walks all over town, and everywhere she goes, she encounters people with wishes, wants, and needs—and all are fulfilled. But who is the real force behind these blessings? A journalist wants to know, and the love of her life finds out. Can their rekindled love survive? Extract: Emily wrapped her arms across her chest and shook her bowed head. No one but Connor knew what had happened, and he knew only the business end of it. She’d never voiced the rest. And couldn’t, even now. Buy links: Pelican books - choice of formats Amazon