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Frosting and Flurries - Christmas in July

As it's summer and my mind as always is on Christmas.... I figured I'd do a Christmas in July book focus.

So here is Frosting and Flurries. 5 delicious romances with a very Christmassy feel. Still only 99p or 99c depending whether you're Amazon UK or Amazon US. It's still available as a box set. So if you haven't got your copy yet, what are you waiting for?

The last thing Brie Dalgleish expected her boss to do was ask her to play an elf in the toy store grotto. She's even less enthusiastic when she discovers Santa is the same bloke who drove his car through a puddle the previous evening, completely soaking her.

Hector Clause is playing Santa in the family owned toy store under sufferance as a favor to his grandfather. He'd rather be in a nice safe office, using his law degree, than playing Santa in a shop full of squealing kids. Even if the chief elf is on the cute side.

With the store's centenary fast approaching, the anniver…