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guest interview with Lucy Naylor Kubash

Today we are talking to Lucy Naylor Kubash author of Chance's Return.

blurb: When prodigal son, Chance McCord, returns home to the North Star ranch, he faces a tragic past and a family divided. When young widow, Casey Girard, decides to spend the summer working on the North Star near the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, she doesn't expect to meet such a man as Chance, nor to fall so completely in love with him. They both must learn to trust in each other.
Can Casey's faith and love truly bring Chance home? review: This wonderful, heart-warming tale set in the mountains of Wyoming, tells the story of Chance McCord homecoming and his search to put the past behind him. The descriptions of ranch life and the changing weather add authenticity and a sense of realism. You become part of the story, smelling the smoke of the camp fires and the chill and damp of the rain. This captivating love story between Chance and Casey has you rooting for them both though out. Hi Lucy and welcome.
First off,…


Nicola tweaked it. It's wonderful. I love it.

A Killer lurks in Headley Cross…

…And Holly Carmichael is the only woman to survive his attack. Now she lives in fear, searching for normalcy and trying to put her life back together. When she meets Kyle Stevens, he turns her world upside-down. He’s as exasperating as he is appealing. How can Holly make sense of her awakening feelings when she’s so unsure of Kyle? His voice is familiar, he’s left-handed, and he wears the serial killer’s cologne. Who is he…really? As Holly struggles to restore her damaged faith, she must find the strength to trust once again—in Kyle and in God.

Kyle Stevens isn’t ready to live again. Racked by guilt, he’s afraid to feel. His sole focus is finding the Headley Cross serial killer—his girlfriend's murderer. That is, until he meets Holly Carmichael. He’s drawn to Holly, vows to protect her where he failed to protect his former love. But Holly makes him feel again, emotions quickly morphing …

aghhhh football

Hmmm, now you know me and sport. Sport is a waste of time lol, well football. - soccer to the US ppls. But its World Cup season and England is going football crazy. Infact in my house that song is oh so true.

He's football crazy, he's football mad. And the football it has taken away the little bit o'sense he had....

But this has really annoyed me. The Bishop of Croydon has written a series of prayers asking God to support England and ensure they win!!! And the best bit one written for those with no interest in the game, asks that they may be granted "the gift of sympathy".

How about the gift of patience to get through a month where hubby and son won't talk to her unless its football related and when there is nothing else on the TV??

Interview with JoAnn Carter

This morning (yes its 2am but gone midnight so morning - well here in the UK anyway ;-) ) I have JoAnn Carter on the blog.

I am reviewing two of her books then she took the time to do an interview too :)

Smuggler of the Heart.

Disheartened and tired, Samantha Warren returns to Vermont during the winter break. Her passion for history rekindles after finding an old smuggler's chest hidden in her grandparents' attic. Will she be able to return to New Jersey without her heart being smuggled like the chest once was? Or is it already too late?

Review: From the discovery of the chest to the breathtaking ending, JoAnn Carter draws you into a world of family and memories. Just as the chest has a past, so do Samantha and Tim. A visit home during the holidays, gives Samantha more than she bargained for. Weaving a delightful story with characters that have you rooting for them the whole time, Ms Carter skillfully brings together past, present and future in a story that you won't want to…

It happened one hurricane - review

It Happened One Hurricane by Carla Rossi

When Pittsburgh native Amber Kensington moved to the Texas Gulf coast to take a job, hurricane season was the last thing on her mind. That is until a massive storm named Ike appears destined to make a direct hit just miles from her apartment. Evacuation is the answer, but what happens when your car won’t cooperate?
Alex Clarke has seen his share of tropical weather, but it never gets any easier. A childhood experience with lightning has left him fearful of storms. Still, his greatest desire is to participate in his church’s outreach program and assist hurricane victims. Now he’s discovered his new neighbor is stranded. Can he convince her to go with him? And can Amber and Alex find God’s comfort and healing despite the raging storm?
'This was it. A hurricane. A real live dangerous storm."
Written during the 5 day power outage of Hurricane Ike, Carla Rossi skilfully blends fiction and reality in `It happened one hurricane.…

sneaks in...

... and curls up in heap unsure whether to scream or cry. A bad week is getting worse. Ever had one of those? This is just totally doing my head in. Everything is spinning out of control here and I'm drowing. Honestly not sure anyone would notice if I weren't here. Oh they might when dinner wasn't there or the laundry mountain hit the ceiling, but other than that... no they wouldn't.

So I just gonna sit here, alone, again, and hide from the world for a while.

Child of my heart review

Child of My Heart by Merry Stahel avaliable from Amazon US or White Rose Publishing.
"A child of their heart. What the body couldn't do, love did." That phrase sums up the book beautifully. Left to care for her half brother after the death of her mother, Hannah adopts him. Only to have her world rocked when his father arrives on the scene a year later to claim him. This story had me laughing and crying, to the amusement of my children. I got annoyed with the insensitive doctor and my heart stopped, and dinner burned, as the story took an unexpected twist. Worth the read, Hannah and Aaron's story will keep you rivited until the end.

Guest Author - Delia Latham.

As part of her blog tour today we welcome author Delia Latham. To the commentators of any of the stops on her tour she is offering two (2) $10 gift certificates to White Rose Publishing which will be awarded after the tour. Winners will be drawn from all the comments left at all of the blogs during the 3-week event. The drawing takes place on June 1st.

As an added bonus anyone who comments today/on this entry will be entered in a draw to receive a copy of Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado.

Down the page is a little about her recent release from White Rose Publishing - Yesterdays Promise. The link will take you straight to it :)

Now - an interview :)

First off, could you tell us a little about yourself and how long you've been writing. Do you write everyday? How does each session start? How do you proceed? How, where and why does it end?

I’m a born-and-bred California girl, recently transplanted to Oklahoma when my husband was medically retired and needed to move out of the area where …

hosting a virtual blog tour on May 17

Throughout May Delia Latham is doing a virtual blog tour. She'll be here on May 17th with an interview and give aways to commenters. Two (2) $10 gift certificates to White Rose Publishing will be awarded after the tour. Winners will be drawn from all the comments left at all of your blogs during the 3-week event.

In addition she will be giving away a copy of Grace for the Moment by Max Lucado to one of my commenters.

So make a note of the date and come back :) Or feel free to visit one of the other places on her tour.

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the character therapist
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Book Cover

I love it :D

Book trailer again

Well... version two is up on my site atm. HERE The music and pics I used are copyright free so long as I credit which I have. Cept the park photo and the tree photo which are mine. Took them in Jan when we had 3ft of snow. That credit got added in take 3 where i bolded the font, but it didn't work. Still needs work but hey... got time to do that. Right?

Honestly dunno why I didnt just use my daughter tho, cos the model looks so much like her, people askedwhere I took the pic of her.

Nothing else is happening really. Cept its raining again and despite being asked not to, ppl still did birthday stuff on Monday. Oh well, maybe next year.

windows movie maker

Well i conquered the beast that is windows movie maker and made a book trailer. Only problem is I can't use the pics of the actor and actress cos they prob be copyrighted some place. And the only piece of music I found is also copyright. but then i knew that when i started. I just wanted to try it out.

and the words aren't exactly in the right place either. But was a first attempt.

Just wish I could find a free uncopyrighted version of silent night. As that's what i really really want to use and short of playing ti myself I can't find one. And my piano playing aint' that great. Sides it sounds better on the guitar and mine

a - needs a new g string (and i aint' going into the music store and asking for a new one of them!!!!) (for US ppls a g string here is a thong!)

and b - I can't play it how I want it done. And i don't know any guitarists.

writo de mayo

well its May 1st. And that means that writo de mayo is on. It's a bit like nanowrimo only its done in May and you pick your own target. My target is to finsih this WIP. Well actually I spent the last two hours, while hubby and kids 2 and 3 went shopping to stick my 3 WIP's into one. Yes its possible.

Kid 1 is still asleep. But then he's 15 and beds aren't to be got out of until at least 1pm on a day when there is no school. Apparantly.

I'd like to sleep in past 2am but cramps forbid that most of the month. TMI but am planning on going to the dr again this week - with hubby this time - and am hoping for a better outcome than "You're a woman, put up with it." or "It's normal. Don't worry about it."

Ummm 17 days out of every 27 is normal. Putting my life on hold for 4 days is normal cos I can't move or go out? Not being able to survive without my heated corn pad tied around my stomach and lots and lots of codine is normal??? Okkkkkkkka…