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Moselle's Insurance - LoRee Peery

Moselle's Insurance - LoRee Peery

Release Day Special offer! Purchase any edition of Moselle's Insurance by LoRee Peery--The latest release from White Rose Publishing--and receive a $5 White Rose Publishing gift certificate FREE. Purchases must be made on 30 July 2010 to be eligible, so hurry before time runs out.

Creative artist Moselle Carson gives new life to old items, but she can’t seem to renew her shattered ideal of love. When she returns to her hometown to help with a new family business, memories of a broken heart and small-town gossip chip away the tough exterior she’s erected over the years. Now she’s forced to decide whether she’ll rebuild the wall or trust that true love never dies when it is ordained by God.
Generous insurance agent and vulnerable firefighter, Eric Todd, remembers too well how he mistreated Moselle and then set her aside. Now he longs for true love and the second chance to become a husband and …

The muse strikes again

After the fire has gone back to Nicola. Won't hear about that for a while. I like this version, but then I like everything I write lol. Well, thats not totally true. Some of it does suck rather.

Rescue Dawn is finished and sat in the do not touch folder for three weeks until I go back to look at it again. That way I'm not wrapped up in it and look at it with fresh eyes.

But... with Jem deciding he wants to be the 8th earl...he also decided he had a portrait of Seb and Joni. they come from my hisotrical novel. Which is now demanding a rewrite in the hope I can sell both together lol. And yes there is head hopping in it. Quite how I missed that I dunno. So I borrowed my youngests colouring pens and did lines down the entire m/s which got printed off months ago. So everything marked red is now Joni and everything blue is Seb and never the twain shall mix.

This is a total rewrite, not simply a cut and paste job from the orig doc. Which of course I have in front of me, but not all of…

book stuff

Well not happy with it, but I am so not graphically minded and this took hours to do. So here you go. Don't suppose its even readable.

But can't afford to pay someone to do it for me, bit like the bookmarks really. Teri's look wonderful and mine in comparison? Well mine are bits of white paper, stuck onto coloured cardboard covered with sticky back plastic. Don't think I'll be sending those out any time soon.

On another note, my PI's have been edited and sent back. Just have to see if they like the changes enough to contract it.


Yes they've only been home 40 mins and already I've worked it out.

I don't finish til Friday, nor does youngest daughter.

But yes the answer is 49

why am i bothering

Honestly thinking maybe i just let this one go. No one reads it... well I have 5 followers but no one ever says anything. I may as well be talking to myself and I can do that at home. Guess i have nothing of interest to say to anyone about anything.

i'll go buy myself a blank notebook and keep a journal instead.

New Release - Rodeo Redemption by Teri Wilson

A Former Rodeo Queen Josie Turner spends her days at the local dog grooming shop pampering the pooches of Angel Springs, Texas. When rodeo season rolls around again, the townfolk are excited about who their new Rodeo Queen might be. Josie, on the other hand, finds herself reminded all too often about a night she'd just as soon forget. A Former Rodeo CowboyLuke Anderson lived for three things – riding, roping and rodeos. Until the day he met Josie Turner, the girl who gave his life meaning, and whose heart he was destined to break. Now, ten years later, he returns to Angel Springs to find the town hasn't changed much, but the girl he left behind has become a stranger he hardly recognizes. What, he wonders, will she think of him, and the man he’s become? A Rodeo Weekend Determined to break through the wall Josie has erected around her heart, Luke must face his demons while at the same time helping Josie overcome hers. With the whole town cheering them on, can Luke mend Josie’s heart…


What a week. the washing machine died on Monday. The comp died on Thursday - well word did. Just packed up and stopped working. quick nervous breakdown on my part - but the White Roses stepped into the brink as always :) - and hubby came to the rescue with word 2003 which is now on the comp. Friday the external hard drive i had for my bday died too. Piece of junk - its never really worked but we tried it on my pc, laptop and hubby's pc - only plug it in and ALL THREE COMPS promptly managed to lose the my computer files!

Then on Sat I had an email from my editor re after the fire. An I like it and it has potental, but not yet. So am doing the rewirtes she asked for and we'll see. But she did a full edit on it before sending it back, not just an email suggesting changes. But i do love this story -- even if the heroine is soooooo strong the hero appears a wimp. lol. so Freddie is gonna have to put up with him opening doors and doing the heavy lifting. She won't like it but to…

A Time for Healing - Tamelia Tumlin

Release Day Special offer! Purchase any edition of A Time for Healing, White Rose Publishing’s latest release, and receive a $5 WRP Gift Certificate FREE. Purchases must be made on 9 July 2010 to be eligible, so hurry before time runs out.

A Time for Healing - Tamelia Tumlin

As an active church member, Jaci Sinclair believes the Christian message that forgiveness is open to all…all except her, that is. Years ago, Jaci made a life-changing mistake, and now she’s sure she doesn’t deserve the one thing she wants the most—a family of her own. But when Hunter Grant walks into her life, her world is turned upside-down. Not only does he make her desire a family even more, he shines a lamp on the one thing she refuses to see.

Ex-FBI hostage negotiator, Hunter Grant, has lost the one thing he treasured the most—his family. Filled with bitterness and anger towards God, Hunter vows never to let anyone close to him again. He moves to Yellow Rose, Texas, trying to forget the trag…