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Cover reveal part one

I recently sold a 12 book series to Pelican Book Group. The flowers of the year. So over the next three weeks I will show you the amazing covers that Nicola Martinez, graphic artist and editor in chief of Pelican Books made for the series. The whole series is planned for release in 2015

Carnations in January
Grace Chadwick receives a surprise inheritance from her aunt—a house and a florist shop. Not knowing the first thing about flowers, she moves in after the funeral. She sees this as the new start she needs. Elliott Wallac lives next door. He does the neighborly thing and calls in with a casserole, only to find the house next door has problems. Damp walls and a sagging floor set his builders senses on alert. When a huge storm drops a tree on the house, it reveals a rotten foundation. Can Elliot rebuild the house and Grace’s shattered faith, or are both condemned?

Violets in February

When uptight missionary, Lucy Boyd is injured her only ride to the hospital 200 miles away is the scary loo…

Tune Litter

A very short story.

Tune Litter.
One day, there was a little boy called Peter. He was walking home from school on his own, like he always did, because he didn’t have any friends. As he walked he saw something in the gutter. Normally he didn’t stop and pick up litter, one because he has this thing about getting his hands dirty, and two, because the other kids teased him enough as it was without giving them anything to encourage it.
But this thing in the gutter was shiny. It was so shiny it almost dazzled him and it might be a penny or even a pound coin that someone had lost. Granny used to encourage him to pick up the lost pennies and save them in a jar—but he hadn’t done that in a long time. So he checked both ways to make sure there were no cars coming, and he stepped off the curb to pick it up. It came up a lot easier than he expected, but wasn’t what he’d hope it would be.
It wasn’t a coin at all. It was a letter H. “Who’d want to drop a letter?” Peter asked himself. Then he could alm…

Waiting for Lily Bloom - Jericha Kingston

BLURB: James Bloom has prayed three years for rain and five years for a wife. His dreams are demolished on Palm Sunday, 1935, when a catastrophic dust storm hits Oklahoma, and his neighbor’s niece has to ride out the storm at his house—overnight. The next day, he’s forced to marry her, an East coast city girl who can’t speak. Could this be God’s plan? Condemned to a future married to a stranger in the dusty Oklahoma wasteland, Lily Driggers longs for her home. Yet somehow, her new husband is the only one who understands her silence. As Easter approaches, Lily and James wonder if there is hope after the storm. EXCERPT 1:
“Lily.” She looked to the front porch where James stood, his face leached of color. “Walk toward me as fast as you can.” His voice cracked. “Now, Lily.” What? The bully was at it again, this time issuing orders. She sighed and stepped off her rung on the fence. Mr. Bloom was about to learn she didn’t obey tyrants. She released the top plank and would’ve turned to go, but som…

Bloom and Doom by Beverly Allen

As the co-owner of The Rose in Bloom, Audrey Bloom creates magnificent flower arrangements for brides to be. Though helping to plan a wedding can be stressful, it’s nothing compared to the groom turning up dead.

A designer of eye-catching bridal bouquets—many of them based on the Victorian meanings behind each flower—Audrey Bloom is used to celebrations that end with happily ever after. In fact, every couple she’s worked with is still together, living in wedded bliss. But her perfect record is about to be broken.

Her childhood friend Jenny Whitney has reeled in the most eligible bachelor in Ramble, Virginia, and she’s hired Audrey to design the bouquet. But before Jenny can walk down the aisle clutching her blend of anemone, scabious, and pussy willow (a floral disaster in Audrey’s mind), the groom is found dead—sprinkled with bits of a bouquet. This is bad for business—not to mention for Jenny, who has become the prime suspect. So Audrey decides to do a little digging herself, hoping s…

Hearts Haven Week. Love in the WINGS by Delia Latham

Blurb: Church secretary and praise team leader Aria Robbins isn't happy when she  has to work with the new youth minister. She also has to grin and bear it when he moves into the cottage next to hers at Heart's Haven...but she doesn't have to like him. Truth is, she'd be much happier if Corbin Bishop would take his charm and his big, fancy ideas right back to Austin where he belongs.
When a spiritual attack on Angel Falls lands Aria and Corbin on the battlefront as part of a team of prayer Warriors in God's Service (WINGS), they must fight for their town, their church, and their pastor, and Aria sees Corbin in a whole new light.
But emotional scars from an unspeakable childhood have distorted Corbin's acceptance of certain Scriptural truths, and Aria won't trust her heart in the hands of a man whose faith is unsure. Aria wraps her prayer wings around him tightly. Will Corbin finally trust God to heal his soul?
Review: Set against a chilling backdrop from the ver…

Hearts Haven Week Designed by Love by Mary Manners

Blurb: Traci Stanton's dream is to own a cake shop. The cramped kitchen at her Heart's Haven apartment isn't exactly an ideal space for creating her masterpieces. Plus her new neighbor, Dylan, has become a constant distraction with his DJ business and the ever-present explosion of event music as he tweaks playlists.  Dylan Jones blew into Angel Falls like a hurricane desperate to leave the memories of a mission gone awry. A former Navy SEAL, he's got no desire to live with deadlines and boundaries or to take orders from anyone--ever again. If only Traci would quit distracting him with the aroma of her sweet confections and lilting voice singing hymns as she works. Dylan has no place for the God who let him down and claimed the life of his fellow SEALs. Will Dylan ever leave the past--and his anorexic faith--behind and allow God to calm the raging storm in his soul?
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Hearts Haven Week. Wounded Grace by Tanya Stowe

Madison Harper is glad to be alive after a devastating skiing accident. She loves her new community, too. There's something peaceful about the Heart's Haven cottages. Madison wakes up every morning, praising the Lord and basking in constant sunshine--until the day Andrew Hart collapses from a massive heart attack and dies. When widower Lance Dalton arrives to help his sister bury her husband. He and Madison agree to bury the hatchet from their turbulent past. But no matter how hard they try, they seem to bring out the worst in each other. Their verbal battles uncover too many old hurts, mistaken paths, and hidden feelings.  Can these two embittered souls ever hope to find peace and healing or has the healing peace of Heart's Haven died with Mr. Hart?

My Review:
This story had me in tears on page five. One of those heart you can't do that moments. This isn't a spoiler if you've read the blurb. Later on I wanted to bash the character's hea…