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think the rest of my family had the right idea. mind you if we don't go to mum and dad's no one does. My bro's excused cos he lives in Auz.

but next yr the tree goes up on the 24th and down on the 26th. it would have come down yesterday morning if i had my way.

changing my name to scrooge and forgetting this stupid time of yr for the rest of my life.

its snowing

White line is the pole which holds up the flat roof. Yes its only 4am, these were taken at 3.45am. But you know me an sleep - sleeping is over rated. Shame its not Christmas Day. Snow on Christmas would be nice.
This is the tree in Woodley town centre. I made hubby take me just now so I could see it. Would have gone to the lighting ceremony but sea patrol was on and those men in uniform took priority. Still kind of writing. I did do the complete rewrite on the other one that the editor suggested. I'll prob get another rejection IF I resubmit it. But... the one that really hurt was the one that had gone back and forth for a year and came back with a no. That one is sitting in the recycle bin now. Its safe mind - said bin gets empieted on the last day of every month. And yes its backed up, but... right now, i don't want to see or read it ever again. 10 years of work down the drain.