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Wednesday's Child grieves for his soul

Today is the official rest of the world other than Amazon release for Wednesdays Child. Blurb : Wednesday's Child grieves for his soul... Liam Page, school teacher and ex-missionary, is a man with a secret agenda. Revenge. But when he says it with flowers, toppling a vase of carnations and drenching  a woman who just happens to be the school's landscape architect, he may have found a light in his darkness. After an abusive relationship, Jacqui Dorne prefers work to men. It's safer. But Liam Page with his boyish charm and wounded soul, manages to change her preferences. Has God led her to Liam to help him heal? When their growing relationship is marred by the reappearance of Jacqui's ex-boyfriend, they find themselves suddenly embroiled in a series of dangerous events --leading them to Africa and leaving them fighting for both love and life. extract “Hey, watch where you’re going.” “Sorry.” Liam turned around, hitting the table again. He watched in hor

New Release - His Wounded Heart by R.L. Syme

His Wounded Heart by R.L. Syme from Pelican Book Group Blurb: Sean Raleigh has fired every nurse and physical therapist within firing radius. He wants to be left alone in his invalid despair. But when his best friend hires the beautiful Jaclyn Dalton, Sean’s curiosity about her selflessness and unwavering faith keeps him from sending her away. Jaclyn needs this job to stay in Montana, but Sean's icy heart and raging bitterness threaten to drive her away. He believes his immobility is a punishment from some controlling but distant deity, yet she sees him crying out for a compassionate God he doesn't believe in. Jaclyn wants to help Sean recognize the grace that can be his, even if she has to leave him to do it, which draws her into a surprising level of emotional vulnerability—a vulnerability that will be the key to healing Sean’s wounded heart. Buy link

New Year

First sunrise of 2013. Its not raining. No, I'm not going to say it, because the weather men did that in April 2012 and it turned into the wettest year for 50yrs. This year brings changes to the blog. Not sure what yet, but time will tell.