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End of April

Almost my unbirthday lol, but we ain't mentioning that. Its sunny, and I still have the car. Oh and finally a new work pass :D esp as my hair is now so much longer than in the photo they took 3 and a half years ago. Have I really been there that long - time flies. Writers block has kicked in. Bleugh. Hopefully it'll go soon and I can start a new story. Maybe I just have too many ideas going round my head atm. Should get the next lot of edits for season for miracles back soon. Still really excited about this. Can't wait to see the cover for it. Did i say my author page is up at the publishers? Did I give a link to it? Dunno - anyway just in case I didnt'.... Its here with photo now. ok time to go put dinner in. Toad in the hole tonight.

Its Wednesday

School's been back half a week and one child already has detention. Actually that was after day one. Shakes head. Oh well. I've been back two days. And yes its nice having the house/tv to myself during the day. I finished the edits and sent the m/s back to WRP. Not sure what happens next. Have to wait and see. My author page is up there tho :D - Here . That kind of makes it official In other news the ash cloud has lifted slightly. Way tooo many ash jokes right now. Best one is - the dying wish of the icelandic econony is that its ashes be scattered over Europe.

And so it begins

Started the first set of edits for Season For Miracles - will be known as SFM for short now me thinks. Are edits meant to be this much fun or am I doing it wrong? Still under the ash cloud. Still have silent skies. Hmm... can feel a new novel coming on lol.

I can't, I'm too busy

Oh if only I got paid for the number of times I've heard that this week or even today. No I can't bring my plate out - i'm too busy watching tv No I can't tidy my room, I'm busy brushing my hair or talking on msn or texting someone No I can't get up I'm busy having a lie in. But the best yet - no I can't wash up, I'm busy preparing a talk i have to give tonight!!! So tomorrow and for the rest of my life I am too busy to cook or clean or do the laundry!

and we're pausing...

all forms signed and returned. Once the snail mail arrives Stateside of the pond, we can start on the edits. Just a shame the kids are off cos it means writing with constant hannah montana, suite life and wizards in the background. on the plus side, i solved the problem of too low cut tops :P. Yes you all really wanted to know that didn't you. Need to find a way to stop my kids nicking my mobile cos its nicer than theirs. Or is it because I have credit and they don't? Maybe that's it. Well, as far as writing goes, my deaf heroine is refusing to play nice. Think she's too shocked by me assassinating a political figure in front of her :O. So I'm finishing wildfire instead. And no I'm not holding my breath over the political announcement due today. I'm not going to bring politics into this. Don't really want MI5 bashing down my door lol. But the PM is going to see the Queen today to resign. And then we get 6 weeks of electioneering, everyone calling eve