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La Fiamma Sacra

Forged in love’s sacred flame, can a firefighter and a widow find the path God has set for them? Ric Rossi left the family farm in Tuscany and never looked back. Working as a firefighter in Reading, England, he has everything a man could ask for—a secure job, a firm faith, and a neighbour who cares for his cat Noci when he goes away. The only thing missing is a woman he can share his life with. Widowed when her son Deforest was a week old, Bracken Hughes isn’t prepared to open herself to the heartache a relationship can bring. Especially with her handsome neighbour who risks his life each time he leaves for work. No matter how good the man is with her son. Ric finds Deforest to be an appealing child who captures his interest. And the mother has that certain something that pricks his heart. But the unhealed wound in Ric's soul might just spoil any chance he has at love. Extract: The taxi dropped Ric outside the fire station. The tall imposing red brick building stood

A Tuscan Legacy

This is a multi author set by seven authors comprising of ten books. All books are available as solos in ebook and paperback. Each book is a complete story, but each reveals part of the mystery. Yes there are only nine in the picture below, because the 10th book cover gives the game away ;-) They don't need to be read in order, apart from one needs to be read first and nine last. Then ten, obviously. Book 1: THAT'S AMORE Amazon UK    Amazon US When Rafaele and Jayne meet again two years after dancing the night away together in Tuscany, is it a matter of fate or of faith? After deciding to take a six-month sabbatical, Italian lawyer Rafaele Rossi moves from Florence to Tuscany, resigned to managing the family farm for his aging nonna after his father’s passing. Convinced a family get-together is what Nonna needs to lift her spirits, he plans an eightieth birthday party for her, making sure his siblings and cousins attend. The Keswick jewelry store where Ja


This book started life about three or so years ago as a short story called Dancing Man. It then morphed through several drafts, and names (including a suggested Waltzing Matilda! but that's another story - literally) before finally becoming Convergence. Which is an amazing name as not just lives, but time convergences within it's pages. Blurb: Even as a teenager Yvetta Graham had vivid dreams. Ones she couldn't tell from reality. Only now she's almost thirty and beyond such things. Only the new store manager is a dead ringer for the man from those dreams. Who is John Smyth? What is his reason for coming to Headley Cross? Is he really a time traveller? As dreams and reality converge Yvetta is in a fight for both her sanity and soul. Extract: Someone was following her. The steps were light, but audible on the large grey flagstones that lined the floor of the castle. It couldn’t be Blaize. He’d had to go out, fulfil his duty as sheriff and dea

Times Arrow and Shadows of the Past

As my new release this week is a time travel romance, it seems only fitting to talk about my previous forary into time travel. Oops, sorry, that's the same phrase twice in the same sentence. Both books are about Jonni and Sebastian. The first is Times Arrow. Blurb: Touching a milestone, Jonni Peterson is catapulted through time into a world both familiar and strange. Finding herself in Victorian England, she discovers love in the most unexpected place— at the feet of the man whose carriage knocked her down. Lord Sebastian Tyler needs to remarry, but preferably not a woman of his mother’s choosing. The woman his carriage runs over both irritates and fascinates him.  Could she be the answer to his prayers? Will the arrow of love find them both before time runs out and the portal to the present reopens? Extract: Jonni twisted her head to the left. A young girl of no more than fifteen, wearing a rag cap over her blonde hair, got up and ran from the room. She opened he

Yellowstone Yondering by Kristen Joy Wilks

Releasing Today - Yellowstone Yondering by Kristen Joy Wilks I want to start by saying that I had the privilege of an advance reader copy of this book. And it's brilliant.  My review: I've never been to Yellowstone, in fact all I know of it comes from watching Supervolcano .  But having said that I now feel like I've been there. Kristen Wilks does an amazing job of describing the scenery that you are right there with Kayla and Alexander, the sternest park ranger I've ever come across.  The only thing that erupts in this book is tension between a rule obsessed ranger and a woman determined to break those rules so long as she gets her dog back before the bears, hot water and other wild beasts find him first. But it's not all tension, there are a good few giggles along the way. Hard to put down, this was a book I didn't want to end or put down. A real page turner from start to finish. Blurb: When a free-spirited wildlife photographe

Free Reads

Everyone likes a freebie right?  Hmmm I wrote frisbee then and had to correct it, but I guess people like those as well. Well Pelican Book Group have novels, novellas as well as free books, and books that only cost $1 or around 75p depending on the exchange rate. Only available from the publisher, the free reads are short five to ten minute reads, but are a complete story in themselves. Today we're focusing on the FREE reads. I have three in there. One is a stand alone and the other two are follow ups to other books I wrote. So you might want to read them first. Or not ;-) Just in case I'll mention those free ones when I do the books they tie into. Blurb: Collecting the cat from the vet should be simple. Right? Not when the paths are icy and the local Christian vet is drop dead gorgeous. Kady Harris has done as much as she could to win his heart and failed. Rory O’Leary figured he’d missed his chance with the beautiful girl who sits opposite him in church -- after

Signal Me series

Today I'm talking about three of my books - mainly because they are a series and a couple of the characters have their own grown up books now. More about those in another post at some point. But if you really want to know it's Dark Lake and the as yet waiting to be published Christmas Time in London Town. The Signal Me series is designated Young Adult, but that doesn't mean that grown up's can't read them. I personally love YA fiction - and anyone who says they are too old for YA stuff, yet reads certain wizard or sparkly vampire books, need to think again! This series goes back years. Draft one was a school English project when I was 14. I still have the original copy, handwritten in fountain pen with the really awful pictures I drew to illustrate it. Over the years it changed it's name from the original Island in the Sun, to The Price You Pay, to a dozen other things, before we finally decided to divide it into three and call them after call signs.

Zara's Folly

Today's blog entry is about Zara's Folly. This book is based at the stables where my daughter works - I did rename them and take a few liberties, but then when don't I. Any royalties from the sale of this book will go to the JAC Stables . Click on the link to find out what they do and how they help young people. Blurb: British equestrian rider, Zara Michaels, heads south on one last job for her father, an unscrupulous developer with his eye on a large piece of land. Zara’s task? To convince the owner to sell—by whatever means possible. Zara falls in love with the stables, but her father has a hold on her she can’t shake. If she fails, she'll lose the one thing she really loves. Theo-James Greggson runs a horse stable with his brother, Xavier—only his brother is determined to sell his share. TJ can't afford to buy him out, plus he’d sorely miss his home and the stables which cater to disabled children—his life’s purpose. Despite the turmoil, he hires a cute st

Books, books and more books

Happy New Year! The year everyone has 2020 vision... apart from me who can't see a thing without my glasses on. And yes I know everyone thinks that, but there you go. So this year, my aim is to talk lots about books. The ones I have written, am writing, am or have read and so on. And if I only did one post a week, it'd take over a year just to talk about my books as I have (consults sheet of paper on the desk) 59 published, or pending, and that's not including the three I'm talking about today. Anthologies. I have taken part in several box sets - none of which are still in print although my solo's are. However the following three anthologies are. All available from my publisher Pelican Book Group . Red By His stripes we are healed and by His sacrifice we are redeemed. What does it mean to be saved by the Blood of the Lamb? In this devotional written by Pelican Book Group authors, discover that, while life may seem to be painted in multiple shades of