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Delta Victor - Signal Me book 2 by Clare Revell

Shipwrecked on the remote volcanic island of Agrihan, and with one of them severely injured, Lou Benson and Jim and Staci Kirk have to find their way to civilisation. Joined by orphan Ailsa Cudby, who has been living with a local village since her parents died, they set off past the volcano in search of an abandoned U.S. Air Force base. With time running out to get medical attention, the teens once again face danger in order to save one of their own. Will they find help in time?


“Jim,” she said seriously. “I want you to promise me something.” His brow furrowed. “I’m not leaving you here. So don’t even suggest it.” “Listen to me. If that thing blows, and I mean really blows, I don’t want you to wait for me. Take Staci and Ailsa and run. We both know I can’t keep up on a good day, and me running anywhere for the rest of my life is out of the question. I won’t have you or them die because of me and my stupid leg.” “Lou…” Exasperation tinged his voice and the scowl she loved so much c…

Adventures in crocheting.

In August of last year - 2014 - we went on holiday as always and I asked Mum to teach me how to crochet. So she taught me how to make a granny square using odd bits of her wool. It was hilarious in more ways than one as I struggled and at times longed to toss it across the room. When finally I managed the first bit I announced proudly "Look, I made a circle." Mum grinned. "Well done. It's meant to be a square." They are now known in my house as squircles - square circles. 
 my first square well square ish. hence the name squircle!

I bought some wool and kept going in a vain attempt to crack the granny square before i reached 50. Unsure what to do with my little square, I simply kept adding rows to it. Until the square was roughly 16 rows big.
The cat borrowed it on one occasion... This was before she was taught the table was off limits.

then i made another 5 and got mum to teach me how to join them together and edge.
The really confusing thing is the names of t…