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Showing posts from November, 2008
Its almost Dec - where's the year gone. I now have 3 stories published at EDF with another one accepted and another one possibly.

No one wants Angus the Airship. Now I know childrens stuff is hard to sell anyway and me writing several 500 word stories aimed at under 8's when I can't draw doesn't help.

I finished nano - Jem can finally take a break from all the disasters I inflicted on the poor guy in his search for true love.

Now do I go back to Kara who's still trapped in this MVA she's been in since March or do I wirte my RAF one now I got most of my research done.

hmmm tosses a coin

sorry Kara. Jared and Elspeth win. She's in danger you see and Jared has to go rescue her. Yes i know a MVA is in peril too... well tough. Patience woman. And yes i know you wear a uniform too... but RAF blues over laywers robes wins :P