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A Semi-Sweet Summer by Jan Elder

Today sees the release of A Semi-Sweet Summer by Jan Elder. Jan very kindly not only sent me an author interview, but also a character interview. So please read on to the end of the page :) Excerpt: With weighted steps, Cassidy headed toward the car and crumpled into the passenger seat. “Where’d you get all that energy, Gabby? Don’t country people meander?” She vaguely remembered when her life felt more like a brisk walk than the frantic gallop of her life in the big city. Vaguely. “Us country-people tend to stroll through life and enjoy the journey—unless there’s fried chicken involved. Then it’s every man, woman, or child for themselves. Ready?” Gabby shifted into gear and prepared for take-off. Out of the corner of Cassidy’s eye, something huge and decidedly bovine moved over by her property line. “Hold up.” Gabby pulled up short and Cassidy stiff-legged it out of the car. She strode across the lawn, her heels sinking into clover with every step. When sh

A courtship for Clover - Marion Ueckermann

Picnics and Promises Blurb: Clover Blume’s chance of becoming better acquainted with Jonathan Spalding away from the mayhem of her busy restaurant is threatened when the groomsman escorting her to her sister’s wedding is delayed. Jonathan lives the good life. One thing his money hasn’t managed to buy and that’s a woman to love—one worthy of his mother’s approval. Is the auburn-haired beauty partnering with him at his best friend’s wedding finding a way into his heart? But what will it cost for Jonathan to realize that it profits him nothing to gain the world, yet lose his soul? And the girl. Excerpt: TAKING CARE TO MIND HER manners, Clover Blume conversed with those seated around the Levens Hall dinner table. She laughed softly at the appropriate time and spoke only when spoken to, as her sister, Maggie, had instructed, all the while doing her best to ignore the empty seat beside her. Was he late? No longer coming? Disappointment anchored itself in the depths of

Imperfectly Proverbs 31 - Autumn Macarthur

Picnics and Promises - Blurb The last thing geeky Samantha Rose planned was her homemaking blog going viral. Only her sister was ever supposed to see it. After a disastrous picnic, Daniel Novak, the cynical political reporter dispatched to interview her, insists he must reveal the truth. That could ruin everything. Including their budding love. Extract: Daniel Novak stared at his boss . She’d called him to her office for this? “I think I misheard you. You want me to do what ?” Meg shook her head, her stiff salt-and-pepper hair barely moving. “You didn’t mishear, Novak. I’m sending you to Idaho to interview Samantha Rose, the homemaking blogger a mention in our magazine section made an overnight hit.” Her brisk businesslike voice didn’t shift gear as she repeated her outrageous statement. “Send one of the junior reporters. This is a piece for the lifestyle pages.” He turned to leave. “Excuse me, I have some real news to chase.” “It isn’t a suggestion for your

Sweet Delights - Cecelia Dowdy

Picnics and Promises - Blurb: Patty-Lynn is stunned when she runs into her wealthy ex-boyfriend, Sam. She’s still haunted by their painful breakup seven years ago. Recently widowed, Sam now wants to fix their broken relationship. Seeing Patty-Lynn, happy in her bakery, gives him hope. Can her prize-winning pie recipe sweeten his new business venture and heal their broken hearts? Excerpt: “PATTY-LYNN?” THE FAMILIAR VOICE made her pause. She quickly turned and slammed right into Sam Richardson. Her lips brushed against his shirt right before she took a few steps back. Goodness, she didn’t realize he’d been standing right behind her. “Sam? What you doing here?” She’d just finished setting up the wedding cake. The guests weren’t due at the reception for another hour. “My friend Mark just married my sister-in-law Lisa. He sent me to the reception early to make sure everything was set up.” Lisa. Sam’s wife’s sister. So she assumed Sam’s wife, Lorena, would come strolling in

A pocketful of wishes - Mary Manners

Picnics and Promises - Blurb: As childhood neighbors, Jenna Palmer and Carter Stevens discover first love. When a cross-country job transfer separates them, they promise to one day find each other. Years go by and they lose touch until an accident causes their paths to once again cross. Can their promise stand the test of time, or will time crush their promise…and their love? Excerpt: SUNLIGHT FILTERED THROUGH THE WILLOWY branches of elm trees that lined the road, warming Jenna as Carter loaded her suitcase into the trunk of the car. The street was quiet, almost as if it had gone down for a nap, with the exception of Old Man Corker’s Bassett Hound who yowled in protest of his confinement to the yard three houses down. Jenna felt like yowling, too. Maybe she’d trod over to Old Man Corker’s yard, throw herself into the grass beside Buster, and sob until no more tears came. Sadness gripped her heart. She could barely breathe. Life as she knew it was going to end right h