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Jumps up and down with glee

I got a release date :D Nov 5th 2010 So remember remember the fifth of November for a different reason. And yes we will be having a bonfire and fireworks :D Extract: Kyle’s voice came from a long way off, and Holly had to concentrate to hear it. “I’m sorry, Holly. He’s normally pretty well behaved, but he’s never seen snow before and is a little over-excited. Plus he was on his own all day yesterday. Are you all right?” Holly nodded. The headache upped a notch. That was a stupid thing to do . “Can you stand?” She moved her head a little as Kyle helped her to her feet. She brushed the snow from her coat and tried to focus on the man. His hat, pulled down over his ears, hid his hair. Her head pounded, stars danced in front of her eyes, and it was all she could do to stand upright. I want to sit down . Please, let me sit down . The words echoed in her mind, but she wasn’t sure she’d said them aloud. He didn’t respond. His deep voice reverberated as he pulled off his glove. “Are y
4 soldiers in 4 days... bringing the death toll to 302 how many deaths will it take til they know that too many have died and bring them home???
the muse is back - with a vengence. :D I'm currently buried in an avalance. Well not me but Jem and Dawn. Mwhahahahahaha


Not sure what I've done, but the whole world is conspiring against me right now. The muse has packed up and left home. Personally I think he has the right idea and wish I could do the same. Just as well I don't have a release date for the novel, as I can't make the bookmarks or business cards to advertise it to save my life. I keep being told the pic isn't a good enough resolution. So guess we give that up as a bad idea. Someone also picked my book trailer to shreds so i guess I have to start over with that too now. so that plus kid hassles, the F word taking over everything for the next month.... really wish I could just hibernate someplace. only that is wrong too.


Today I am being interviewed on the White Roses in Bloom blog . Come learn about how I write and a little about Seasons for Miracles.

Reading Abbey

This is one of the oldest ruins in the UK. It was founded by Henry I in 1121 "for the salvation of my soul, and the souls of King William, my father, and of King William, my brother, and Queen Maud, my wife, and all my ancestors and successors". King Henry is buried in the ruins. But it holds a special place in my heart. It was here hubby gave me my engagement ring back on Aug 29th 1991 :) Right in this room here To the left of this picture is Reading Crown Court. To the right is Reading Gaol - yes the one Oscar Wilde was in. The abbey was destroyed by Henry VIII when he dissolved the monasteries in 1538. Today its closed to the public due to it being unsafe And one day I'll get the formatting correct.

I still here

Curled up in a heap, trying to write, but not suceeding. 2 of the kids went back to school today, but as I have an inset day so does J. Spent the last couple hours watching PS I love you and trying to convince her that Gerry is really the Phantom. Don't think I managed. I did get an emergency docs appt tho - :O gives you a minute to appreciate that. My doc not there today and the receptionist was going into full, sorry you'll have to ring tomorrow routine, when i said - but i'm having a reaction to the meds... and all of a sudden she found me an appt for this afty. I ended up texting my ER consultant sis last night and my GP bro in law, describing how I felt and asking their opinion. Both said I should go back. Maybe now they'll refer me for a hysterectomy. Either way I'm no longer taking the pill. I've taken it before for years, albeit before the kids, and I NEVER ended up on fire like I am now. wait who am I trying to kid. They won't even give me the

emotional wringer

Yes I voluntarily did this to myself. Spent three days putting this scene off then decided that as 2 of the kids were asleep and the other out playing, I'd bite the biscuit and just do it. So here I am, sore eyes, and several tissues later. does it have the same impact on others? No idea. Her smile lit her face, making her eyes glow. “You’re welcome.” Her fingers, her perfectly manicured finger tips, ran over the rim of her cup. “Why the rush though? Such a lovely book deserves time and care.” He swallowed hard. “I wanted him to see it,” he whispered. “Who?” “It’s for a very special kid, the one it’s dedicated to.” He felt his eyes fill with tears and his voice started to wobble. “He was in an one expected him to survive, but he did. Only now, he has this massive infection and...” Dawn’s hands covered his. “The little boy we’ve been praying for in church? Craig?” Jem nodded, struggling to regain control. He wasn’t going to cry. Not here, not now and not in

book trailer take four

Only this version I Like :D Once I get a release date it'll be taken down from here and i'll try to work out uploading it to you tube and then try to embed it in the side bar like Wendy does. Not sure I'm that clever but ... Anyway, feedback would be gratefully recieved.