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We got a white Easter

it snowed for a couple hours, didn't lay but who cares? The definition of a white chirstmas is it has to fall on the day so we took the same for a white easter!as i type its snowing again now with more forecast for tomorrow. Don' t really want it to lay though, cos i'm back at work tomorrow for nine days before term ends here.

watched a film on Sat - disaster zone: volcano in new york. It wasn't bad - only cost me £3 from the amazon market place as its a region 1. CGI effects were rubbish. Even C, my 12 yr old who loves disaaster films like I do, was sat here going - that's it??? That's meant to be lava???? It was so obviusly faked.It did however star Matthew Bennett - cylon Doral - as an FBI agent who was insistant right to the end it was a terrorist attack and not a volcano.

one thing that annoyed me tho - one guy was there when they discovered the tremors were harmonic and therefore caused by rising magma. Did he tell the USGS lady when she suggested the gas…

first post

Not really got much to say - yet. No doubt that will change. So long as I remember to bookmark the page so I can find it again. I finally found my GJ link, only to find the whole place no longer exists. No idea why. Oh well.

Its Good Friday. The kids were horrified to learn that meant church. "But mummy... it's a Friday."
Mummy - "Yeah And?"
Kids - "Don't go to church on a friday. So does this mean we don't go on Sunday?"
Mummy - "Uh huh. Sunday too."