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Until June by Barbara M Britton

When seventeen-year-old seamstress, Josephine Nimetz, agrees to take care of a WWI amputee in a remote Alaskan lodge to escape the influenza of 1918, there’s enough friction to melt the Mendenhall Glacier. Her position is only until June, and it pays well enough to overlook the hardship of managing a rustic home and a shell-shocked veteran, Geoff Chambers.Geoff makes it clear that he isn’t too fond of the “runt” sent to take care of his needs, nor of her painful mistakes. Dealing with a depressed and addicted amputee, pushes Josephine to the brink of leaving, if not for the money her salary brings.But Josephine is a perfectionist, determined to get Geoff back on his feet—figuratively. Though, sending a rich, handsome veteran back into society may cost Josephine the man she has grown to love.Excerpt:A quick peek into the hallway showed no sign of a wayward Mrs. Prescott. Josephine shuffled carefully toward the stranger’s door and positioned herself near the entrance to his dimly lit ro…
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Cooking up a mystery by Gail Pallotta

Blurb: Laney Eskridge worked to put her husband through dental school. Then he left with another woman. She's on edge from the emotional scars and her parents' deaths. Then she hears unexplained noises in her new tea house, and her anxiety is tripled. Add a budding romance with Eric—a guy with a fear of commitment—and it's all too much to handle. She cuts ties with Eric and plunges into making her business pay off.

When Eric discovers that Laney's in danger, he vows to protect her. But can he make a lasting promise? Will she trust him? . . .and when they overhear a threat that could cause national turmoil, will anyone believe them? There's more brewing than herbal tea in Cooking up a Mystery. Buy link:Amazon U.K.Amazon USPelican
Excerpt: Eric pointed at the picture of the man riding the huge tricycle. “Is that it?” The sound of several pots clanking one right after the other drifted into the dining area. Did henot hear the racket? Laney opened her mouth to ask, but sna…

Claiming Canaan by Barbara M Britton

“Claiming Canaan: Milcah’s Journey”
Book blurb: When the tribal elders make marriage a requirement for claiming her land, Milcah bat Zelophehad must find a betrothed straightaway. The only problem in finding a husband is that all her suitors were slain while conquering the land of Canaan. Men avoid her in order to stay alive.

After praying to God to send her a bold suitor, a man from her father's clan plummets from a tree right on top of her. Is this God answering prayer, or a foolish antic by Eli, the war-scarred brother from one of her clan's rival families? 

Will settling in Canaan sort out Milcah's troubles, or have her woes just begun? Extract: Milcah’s sandal crunched on something solid. She glanced at the dirt. Praise be. A massive oak had scattered twigs and small branches on the ground for her to pluck. Was this bounty a sign that God had heard her prayer? She laughed as she bent to gather the wood. How could twigs be a sign? Something plunked to the soil by the trunk of…

Repurposed by LoRee Peery

blurb: Talia Ashby is a perfectionistic data analyst who, on occasion, sees her “fat” self when she looks in the mirror. As a svelte former obese girl, she reunites with her secret teen crush, now a pastor in the church she attends. Cooper Valiant is dazzled upon meeting a high school friend he doesn’t immediately recognize due to her drastic weight loss. Since his sister had an eating disorder, he’d often felt empathy toward Talia as classmates teased and bullied her. In his pastorate position, he asks her to help girls in the youth group come to grips with body-image. While working with the girls, Talia's recollections of youthful hurts stir up past insecurities. She must reassess her spiritual journey, and what bothers her in the present. Added to the mix are her reawakened emotions toward the man who once came to her rescue. Will their joint journey include a personal relationship?

Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name;worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness
~ Psa…

Carol Raj and the Curious prayer life of Muriel Smith.

Blurb: One unlocked car door, one glance to the left, and suddenly impoverished retiree Muriel Smith is hurtling down the road at an alarming thirty miles per hour!
Will the teenage carjacker really shoot to kill? Muriel can't die yet. Not until she's accomplished something to make her daughter proud. Not until she's seen her great-grandchild, the unborn baby her granddaughter isn't sure she wants to keep.
It seems Muriel is running out of time. Especially if her survival depends on her driving skills!
Excerpt: “When the car starts moving, you’re going to steer it toward those trees. Try to get the car into the grove without hitting anything. Do you think you can do that?” Muriel was pretty sure she couldn’t. Then Kevin’s words from earlier in the day came back to her. Your driving ability’s the only thing keeping you alive….”Sure, I can do that.” She forced a smile onto her face…
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Sunday's Child and the RNLI

Last time I blogged about my books, I did the whole of the Monday's Child series. Sunday's Child features a hero who works for the RNLI - Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

I say works. Actually almost every single person who works for the lifeboats is a volunteer. They have a pager, like Cal, and have to drop everything and leave at a moments notice, in order to save lives at sea. Sometimes, like the other week, it's a surfer who defied the storm warnings and decided to go surfing in Storm Ciara. The Hastings lifeboat almost capsized. You can watch a video that someone took HERE.

The RNLI is not government funded. They are supported by voluntary contributions, sponsored walks, runs, items they sell through their website and in their shops.

I visited a lifeboat station whilst writing the book.

So, the point of this post. March is the extra mile for the RNLI challenge. So my arthritic knee and I are walking 31 miles in support. My sponsor page is HERE should you wish to …