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Angel of the L Train by Penelope Marzec

  Why I wrote Angel of the L Train        I was responsible for emptying out my parents’ house. It hurt to empty the house and sell it. I grew up there and cherished the happy memories of my young life and my loving parents. But after my mother died and my father became gravely ill, I felt the pressure of watching the dwindling case flow and wondering if financial help would be available when the money was all gone.      So, I put Thea, the heroine of Angel of the L Train, in a similar quandary. She sold her childhood home to pay for her mother’s care in a nursing home. Thea snatches at an offer for a job that would be an obviously poor choice for her, she takes it anyway since she is desperate for a steady income. She believes she can hide the past and move on with her life, but the secret she promised never to reveal is soon out in the open and wreaks havoc on her life.   This is the blurb for the book:   Thea Ahern desperately needs a job, so when she lands a job at L
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The Welcome Wagon by Jaime Adams

    Blub: When a wagon train is attacked leaving women and children alone and vulnerable, churches throughout the Ozarks take them in. Maggie Lynn and her wards along with three other women end up in West Ridge, a small, out-of-the-way town in Arkansas. Maggie has seen her fair share of loss. Now responsible for raising her orphaned nieces, she must find a way to support them. A sensible small-town sheriff, Owen Sommers tries to keep the peace when a wagon full of women descends on his city of bachelors. The sheriff tries to keep the peace, but his principles are challenged when he suspects the ladies have something to hide. His suspicions are confirmed when strangers appear in town looking for what they believe is rightfully theirs.   Extract: “Hey, this is too tight.” “Stop your bellyaching.” Owen picked up the man’s gun and put it in his belt. “Just be glad I don’t shoot you and leave you for dead.” “I should have put you down when I had the chance.” “When was that?”

Cooking up a mystery by Gail Pallotta

  Why I wrote Cooking up a Mystery I planned Cooking up a Mystery because I wanted to write a series of books about women entrepreneurs who started their own businesses and succeeded while depending on their faith. I enjoy reading and writing about mysteries, so I knew I wanted a mystery, but my main character still needed a business. Searching my thoughts for a skill I knew well took me back to my mother, grandmother and aunts’ kitchens. They created gourmet Southern U.S. dishes from scratch and made it look easy. I can’t replicate a lot of their delicacies, but I have most of their recipes and the advantage of watching them prepare them for many, many years, so I decided my entrepreneur would cook.  From then on, I could see Laney Eskridge, my heroine, in the commercial kitchen at her tea house. Laney needed a reason to start her own catering service and tea house, and what better than having her husband leave. Starting a business requires expertise, determination and hard work.

The Sycamore Standoff by Stacey Weeks

  Back cover blurb :   She wants independence. He wants her affections. They’ll have to face her past for any chance of a future. Escaping an abusive boyfriend, Meg Gilmore finds refuge in Sycamore Hill. She’s particularly drawn to a 250-year-old tree she names Alfred. Like her, Alfred is a survivor, and the shade beneath its protective branches is her go-to place for solace. When a construction firm slates the majestic tree for destruction, Meg resolves to save Alfred. But Meg underestimates an adversary who refuses to yield to her requests to work around the tree. Eli Martin’s family money is as old as the tree Meg is desperate to save. Attracted to Meg from day one, he sees Meg’s campaign to save Alfred as his chance to seal her affections. The best way to fight big business is to attack them in the pocketbook, and he devises a plan that Meg’s adversary won’t be able to afford to fight. When Meg’s ex arrives, Eli once again rises to her aid. However, Meg insists he can’t simply th

Redemption's Hope by Kathleen D Bailey

  REDEMPTION’S HOPE   First blurb “Two orphaned children. Two different sets of villains. A man without a country and a woman with too much past. And a rambunctious young country where anything went, especially in the West. Seriously. What could go wrong?” Second blurb “The world wanted to put their love in a box. So they made their own world.” Third blurb “Redemption’s Hope” is the third and last installment of Kathleen D. Bailey’s “Western Dreams” series, following “Westward Hope” and “Settler’s Hope.” The novel takes Jenny Thatcher, a secondary character in the first two books on the ride of her life, from the Oregon Country to New Mexico to San Antonio to New Orleans and back, as she looks for her dream and finds herself in the bargain. White Bear, the Cheyenne brave, has a foot in two worlds but feels at home in neither. He longs to reconnect with the spirited white woman who had sought refuge with his family three years before. Is his true home with “Blue Eyes,” t