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A Precious Christmas Gift by Patricia Johns

  I'd just like to thank Clare Revell for inviting me to her blog. It's a pleasure to be here. Clare and I are longtime author friends from across the world. While Clare writes from England, I write from Canada, where the winters are long and cold, and there really is nothing better to do than to settle in with a good book. I've been married for fifteen years, and have an  almost  teenaged son.  I write for Harlequin/Mills&Boon, as well as for Kensington Books. I write mostly Amish romance now, but my backlist includes cowboys, small towns, and all sorts of sweet and inspirational romance that I hope you'll love! A Precious Christmas Gift  is on the shelves now, wherever your Mills&Boon/Harlequin romances are sold in Australia, US, and Canada, as well as available online! ’Tis the season of love, forgiveness…and goodbyes? Unwed and heavily pregnant, Eve Shrock faces a difficult Christmas—soon her baby will arrive and be adopted by another Amish family. Though Ev

Christmas is Coming.

 Christmas is coming and so is the Pelican Book Group Extravaganza. Over the first 23 days in December, many Pelican authors will be sharing extracts from their books, either these ones or previously released titles you may not have come across before. Each post will be tagged extravaganza2020 so should you miss one, they'll be easy to find. Then on Dec 24th there will be a guest post from Pastor David Magowan. Christmas will be strange this year. So curl up with a good book. Remember the reason for the season. And use the phone and video calls to keep in touch with loved ones we can't see.

Love Stumbled In by Nancy Shew Bolton

    In the midst of tragedy and uncertainty love stumbles in... The years of WWI and the flu epidemic that followed have left Carrie orphaned and taken in by her distant relatives who have also suffered injury and loss. She finds herself drawn to the youngest of the five brothers, a dedicated Christian her age who becomes her emotional support. When he leaves with a small church group to spread the Gospel, Carrie is heartbroken. As she finds the strength to survive and navigates the challenges of her first job in a wealthy household, she is forced to examine herself and question her own heart and the directions life leads her. Just as the 1920's were a decade of change, so they prove to be for Carrie.   Blog post: In the years of World War I and the flu epidemic that followed, American society and its people underwent profound changes. Carrie and her adopted family are not spared these changes and tragedies, yet what can they do but continue on the best way they can? As Car