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I wanna go back to work

Can the school holidays be over now please? Yes i know its only been two weeks but please... we had 4hrs of singstar yesterday and thats enough. I wrote nothing. I have this short story, only a max of 8k begging to be written and nothing... maybe i just try and work a new layout for this. No idea how to change anything without screwing it up. I'm not clever like that. So maybe we just screw it up and see what happens.

well its started

School's out. The kids are off and I can tell.... Wanna know how. They were up at 5.30am!!! So much for my quiet time to read and write and think. Now its 6.39am. And we already have teh disney channel on. Loud. Honestly makes me long for the old days. When tv was only 2 hrs long and we had to make our own entertainment. These kids have 24hr tv, x box, sims on the comp, the internet and spend all day complaining their bored cos I wont'/can't spend out £40 a day on theme parks or train travel to london!

Hint Fiction

What is Hint Fiction? It’s a story of 25 words or less that suggests a larger, more complex story. It looks like a challenge. As If I need another one lol. But will give it a go.

What's in a name?

Trouble that's whats in a name. I have great problems in titling things. Whether it be books or just the characters. Sometimes they arrive in my head with a name. Other times they don't. Take the new one. Working title of Stranger. No I don't know why. It just is. Anyway the hero, who I still haven't decided is Robert Leeshock or Ryan Reynolds, has given me his name, rank and serial number. Literally as it happens. Squadron Leader Jared Jason Hawkins, one of the RAF's finest pilots. But the heroine? Ummm she can't remember. Actually she can't remember anything, her name, the hero or anything. So she can't tell me a single thing about herself. Course I could ask Jared, but he's too busy being a flyboy atm. I have spent 3 hours on the babynames site trying to find her a name. Got it down to two. And if she decides she doesn't like them its Tough. I'll put her back in a coma for antoher 3 weeks and write the story from Jared's pov. ----


Who'd have thought that trying to find a new layout would be such a pain? Been looking for days now and it eiether doesn't have the right font or the background shows through the writing panals and the pics I have posted look silly or the background pic is in the wrong place and looks nothing like the preview. grrrrrrr wish i could make my own with nice properly centered header. and background that fits properly and text you can read. But i really want something differeent from the one i have now or the plain ones blogger offer.

torn between leading men. Such a hard life

Now I don't know who to cast as the hero lol. It was going to be Robert Leeshock - see above. But now I found Ryan Reynolds - him on the right. Okay why's blogger gone and done that? Why can't i have them going down the page like on LJ? Oh well so who do I chose? Course hubby would say neither and pick him lol. But he's too grey. (Just don't tell him I said that cos I actually like grey hair but for the purposes of this novel... he can't be that old.)

Long time no post

Its July already. Where's the year gone? It's been pretty busy here. And hot. Though Steph disagrees as its hotter in the Middle East evidently. But she has air con on the base. We don't. Its been up in the low 30C's - that's the 90F's - little if no wind, no cloud and the humidity - ugh. Over 70% on a good day. Add to this a daughter who dislocated her kneecap and is in a cast from top of her thigh to her ankle, a muse who's packed up and gone some place cooler and the fact school doesn't get out for another 3 weeks... Rhys wants school to close cos its tooooooooo hot. His reasoning being it its too cold they close the school, so they should if its too hot as well. We went to my sisters on Sat, sat in the garden, got very sunburnt, watched the Hercules coming in to Lyneham. Am watching the men's tennis. I refuse to watch the women play cos they scream too much. If I can play tennis without doing that so can they.