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no the kids aren't back at school yet

I wish they were, but they're not. But this post isn't to moan about spongebob 24hrs a day. only its not. Probably about 12, with a little hannah montana and zach and cody thrown in.

my christmas story now has a title. I asked on FB for one lol and 'the holly and the kyle' was suggested. So until something else turns up, thats it.

i read a huge book in 2 days so really should do some writing now. Tho sponge bob is singing campfire songs in one ear and the muse is yelling in the other.

This happened once before and this was the result. Though you need to be a fan of Stargate SG1 to fully understand it as its from my fanfic collection.

Finished it lol

Finished The Sound of His voice :) 7600 words in three days. Now going to go back and work on fallen xmas. That so needs a better title.

Also want to do a second draft of sound of his voice then maybe send it to my CP.

and I have sent off my hearts crossing entry. Honestly not expecting to win and I know I'll only hear if I do win, but I had fun writing it and I've done my best and can't do anymore.

It's 10.37 and today so far i have made welsh cakes, scones and melting moments.
yesterday i cleaned the house, changed the beds, defrosted the freezer and cleaned the oven.

and hubby thinks i do nothing all day long.

oh and i also minded the kids. Who go back to school in 15 days. Fifteen verrrrrrrrrryyyyyy lonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg days.

And the muse ran away with the storm

Meet Cade. My muse. My very fickle muse who goes on long vacations without telling me, likes chocolate and cookies and Hillsong. Hates sponge bob, hannah montana and football. He also like writing himself into the story as the hero. Hmmm... maybe that's who Rob is lol.

Well I saved Sky and am waiting on the rest back from my CP now. Then its send it off and hope this time she says yes. It's the last attempt at this publisher with this one.

I started a new short yeterday. No I haven't finished the Christmas one but this one demanded writing, so I ran with it.

Almost 4k in less than 2 days. My fingers hurt. Course that doesn't include the 13k i retyped on Sky before i found an easy way to do it.

Must go find a Scottish translator for this one tho. My Scottish light house keeper keeps lapsing into Queen's English. See:-

Angus came up behind her. “Told ye, lassie. It’s going tae be a bad’un. I hope that young man o’yours made it back.”

“First, he’s not my young man. He’s …

yay for skiving

Well this is what i did today :) Got really sunburnt building sand castles on the beach. And i mean really sunburnt. When we left home for the 80 mile drive to the coast it was cloudy. We took coats. Didn't need them. I kilted my skirt way above my knees and even my legs burnt!I should be retyping Sky. A horrid mishap, which i prolly moaned about yesterday means i have to retype all 392 pages. I've managed 52 so far. But then 52 pages in 11 hrs of typing aint bad.

Bad Words

No, not the ones the kids say to annoy you or the ones that slip out when you're angry or you drop the dining table on your foot. The kind that we use every day but editors don't like. I asked my editor for a list of ones to edit out of Sky and she very kindly sent me the following. Oops - an ly word slipped in there. See - its so easy to do and so hard to avoid.

Look - not evey other line - my 70 page short story had 500 of these
Nod - see above!
a bit
a little
a lot
going to
in order to
ly adverbs
see/saw - no no, playing on the see saw in the park is still fine ;-)

Oh so many and so hard to avoid. My hero can no longer run quickly to his car, he has to speed or bolt or zoom. And as for hugging Miss Heroine tightly... ummm he hugs her until she can no longer breathe, faints and has to be revived with some mouth to m…

digs a hole and sticks a post in it.

It's 4.41am and again I'm awake. Probably because I fell asleep before 930pm last night. That's what happens why I lie on the bed and watch the TV. Oh well.

So i have HC back from my CP and it's good to go. Will sit on it for one more week, give it a final read then send it in. It's a contest entry so won't hear anything until after Christmas, if I hear anything at all.

I spent the last 10 days doing the first draft of a new story. It's a Christmas one. I'm now doing a second draft. It needs a lot more conflict than it has. It's funny though, the bits i'm adding in, fit perfectly with what's there. For example at the start she recognises the colonge he's wearing but can't place it. Now I know why. At the time it was just a random thought she had. Now it has a far more sinister purpose.

It's also written in first person pov. Unlike the other one I'm doing, which is both hero and heroine first pov, this is just the heroine. No ter…

And here we go again

Its another new week here. And I did trash the blog completely. Lost all the widgets, can't get half of them back again. Tempted to just forget this one and start a new one and be done with it. Have a different template on it then attempt to add stuff but that might just cause more problems than it solves.

Honestly don't know why others can manage it and I can't.

oh well. Nearly finished this new short story i started last week.