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I suggested on facebook that i feed my villian to the crocodiles. Someone then suggested he fall into the croc pond while running away from the police. Therefore crocs get him but its not the hero's fault. I like that idea. Seems a fitting end for someone who killed lots of ppl, notto mention what he's planning for the heroine but hasn't done yet.

oh... how did that happen? Okay who added the lets blow up the place the instant the hero and heorine leave it to the plot? Me thinks a long chat with the muse is called for.

Hubby starts his new job on Monday. Lol, just cos he and i had arranged something for Wed and now we can't do it. Oh well.


Passes the 12k mark. half way and i finally know what the vilian is up to. Hah

More importantly:
Hubby got the job in Winnersh - a 10 minute drive - or if he really wants to spend 3 hrs getting to work he can walk. Slowly. Cos even walking would only take 40 mins.

:) so right now homes a bit high and a bit silly. and writings a bit hard but oh well....


I am now 10, 285 into the new novel. Pretty good since that's only 4 and a half writing days spent on it so far.

its going okay, apart form the fact the mc's changed the plot a few times. I now know the ending - YAY.

Should have enough left to wrap this up before the 25k cut off. Am aiming for around 23k me thinks.

only thing i not worked out is.. does my villian

1. end up in a nice warm jail cell at her majesty's pleasure for eternity
2. end up dying in a hail of bullets
3. concrete boots

right now i veering towards number one, tho 3 might be fun to write. Thing is MMC can't kill him. So either he goes quietly or dies in a shoot out with police.

or.... hmmm maybe that would work... runs off to write it down


yay its half term

Which means no work for a week. Unnfortunaely this means schools out so i have 3 kids and hubby under foot. Oh well. Guess I spend the week plugged into my mp3 player and hiding from hannah montana, zach and cody and lizzie maguire.

on the writing front, wrote 2533 on HC yesterday. I have the whole thing planned with one excpeption. How to get rid of the bad guy. Feed him to the fishes in the local pond maybe? So far this morning am 730 words into chapter 2. going to aim at a chpater a day, more would be good but i not pushing it as i also wanted to work on S and S which is thinking abotu changing its name to FR lol. We'll see.

Did you guys know that live long and prosper is actually Deut 5v33?

just when you thought it was safe

D quit his job yesterday for health reasons. He's working from home for a week then thats it. He's applied somewhere locally and thats looking good but til he's got the contract in his hands....

And just as i got into rewriting sword and shield... along cmes an inspirational romance contest which i just HAVE to do. They provide the synopsis, you fill in the blanks and off you go.

So i have the hero sussed, his name, age, why he lost his faith and his deep dark for the heroine. All i have is her age lol.then i need where they met, the villans name and i can start writitng :)

has to be 20-24K


How can a child who has been vaccinated against whooping cough go and catch it??? When the only place she has been is school and no one else there has it???

answers on a postcard

I still here. Hubby has been off sick for a week, long story, he should go back tomorrow. Theres a faint possibility of a job back here... the 4-5 hour commute is killing him - but we'll have to see.

course i'm getting nothing written with hm around. i've got a couple ideas but even trying to get the bare bones down is hard. wondering if its worth continuing trying to write or do i just give up?

like i gave up trying to code this and come up with my own layout. Wanted to do the same over on lj but can't work it out there either. Still it freed up a bit of space when i deleted all the pics i'd made for it.

ugh writers block

Offers the muse cookies in the hope he'll come back. Soon.

Hubby has been signed off by the doc for a week. He's not right. The 5 hr daily commute is telling on him... he needs a job closer to home...


Is so having one of those days its just not true. Trying to cook dinner and run out of pasta, cornflour, milk, oxos... so quite what this will taste like is anyones guess.

i forgot to note my word count before i started writing. so no idea how much i have done today.

C rang me 3 times at work to ask where her trousers werehow do i know???? i empited the laundry basket yesterday. this morning it was 3/4 full, how do they do it? Not my fault if she decides BOTH pairs need washing on a Thurs night.

i got a headache i can't get rid off too and hubby won't be home for hours. mind you, the day was screwed when i got up at 4am... no take that back. it was screwed last night. hubby got in about 730pm and vanishes upstairs. i go up there to sit with him and he promptly goes out again.

Really am not wanted round here. Gonna go join a convent and become a nun

Its finished

What plays in Vegas is finished. Yay. Total of 49,785 words. Not bad for a first draft. Now to put it aside for a couple weeks and work on my query for Dark Orchid. Maybe...Thing is I had this idea... the stranger with her face.Maybe I can do both. Read DO and summarize it a little tonight, while kids around then work on new one while they at schoool tomorrow. :O Just worked out I wrote 3860 words today!!!

writers block...

Maybe I'm trying too hard. The novel is so nearly finished. All that's left is two, possibly three scenes. Can I write them? No. I know the kids have been off today as its a bank holiday in the UK and its been constant hannah montana since 6am and now its football, but even so....
not even a new desktop wallpaper helped. Maybe I just sit and stare at him a bit longer. Or I close this down and go sit by hubby and watch him watching the football...