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long time no blog

Guess I suck at this blogging thing like I do at synopsisisisisisisis's. Been busy writing. Written 32k in the last couple weeks. chapters 1-10 done. Chapter 12 is 2/3 done. And chap 11... umm lets just say JoAnn found a plot hole lol. I beat the hero up. well not me personally but the villian did, and yet 8 hrs later said hero was sailing a boat with bruised ribs and strained muscles and a black eye. so I finishing chap 12 then doing 11 to fill in said plot hole. This one has the working title of Freddie. Starring: - Tom Ward - silent witness - as Jason Bryant Polly Shannon - EFC - as Freddie Flynn They are both PI's. Jason is the VP. Freddie really doesn't wanna work with him cos they have history. Big black history...
hmmm.... is it poss to write an English romance that isn't set in the regency period?????? Can you write an US romance that isnt' based during the civil war??????????? end rant