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Release Day. Signal Me #1 - November Charlie

November Charlie. If the tsunami doesn't kill them, the sharks just might.

The flags November Charlie means - I am in distress and require immediate assistance.

Today sees the release of November Charlie, the first in a series of 3 YA books. Be warned, it's a series and ends on a deliberate Cliff Hanger. As does book 2.


When Jim and Staci Kirk's parents go missing, he decides to search for them himself. Unbeknownst to him, his sister and their best friend Lou, stow away to join him.

It seems so simple on paper, sail from England to the Philippines and find the Kirks. But a hurricane named Erika and a relentless shark conspire against them to make the voyage one of the most perilous trips the teenagers have ever lived.

Can they endure the danger? Will they find the Kirks alive or does God have another idea in mind?


Lou heard a siren and turned to look behind them. A flashing light identified the fast approaching boat as police. Four armed officers stood on dec…

Pirate by Night - by Lisa Asenato

His uncle wanted him dead. Instead, Nicholas Collington was given to pirates. Robbed of his rightful title and position, Nicholas survived. Now he rides the high seas, helping the wronged and avenging the downtrodden while the man who stole his life goes unpunished.  But it’s time to reclaim his title and lands...time to make his uncle pay. However, to get close enough, Nicholas has a role to play. Grace Thonburg is a gentle soul.  Ostracized by the Ton after an accident leaves her maimed, she is content to minister to the villagers with her dear friend and elderly vicar, Finn.  But Finn must leave, and a new vicar has arrived--A man so powerful and handsome that Grace is attracted to him in ways she hardly understands. She has accepted that she will never find love, but is this new vicar heaven sent? He seems unconcerned with her past or her position in Society...Yet, she senses he's hiding something.
After Nicholas assumes the role of the town's new vicar, his desire for rev…

Interview with Pastor David Magowan

Today I have an interview with Pastor David Magowan from Carey Baptist Church. He's been  co-pastor at Carey since 2009, although we'd known each other some time before that. (Carey of course is the church that I attend.)

The thinking behind this interview is that some people assume Pastor's work one day a week - Sunday. They turn up, preach and go home and don't come back til the following week. Unless there is a wedding on the Saturday.

So I asked David if he'd do an interview to show us what a Pastor does during the rest of the week, and he very kindly agreed. So, thank you very much for sharing so openly and honestly with us. 
On with the questions.

1.How long have you been a Christian? Can you tell us a little about your conversion?
I became a Christian when I was 14 years old.  My parents were Christians, and when I was born they were missionaries in Jamaica. My father was a Methodist minister and was involved in church-based pastoral ministry.  When I was 10 y…

Long time no blog

So it's been a very long time and no blog, but i'm back and hoping to do better now. I have a couple of posts in the works, but for now i thought i'd fill you in on what's been going on. Other than the fact the keyboard is refusing to capitalise I's properly all the time.

First, I signed three contracts last week for new books, all with Pelican Book Group. One is for Dutch Crocus, a free bonus book for the end of my Flower series. One for a new passport to romance called Welsh Wildfire. And the third for my Christmas Extravaganza book for this year - A Mummy For Christmas. More on those in a later post.

Second, we've had really hot weather here. Up in the high eighties, low nineties. All with no air conditioning.
Tilly hasn't been impressed at all.  She either hides in the grass pretending to be a grow bag, or under the table in the lounge.

Third - and the most scariest - my youngest daughter left school in the middle of June. We now just have to wait for h…