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think the rest of my family had the right idea. mind you if we don't go to mum and dad's no one does. My bro's excused cos he lives in Auz.

but next yr the tree goes up on the 24th and down on the 26th. it would have come down yesterday morning if i had my way.

changing my name to scrooge and forgetting this stupid time of yr for the rest of my life.

its snowing

White line is the pole which holds up the flat roof. Yes its only 4am, these were taken at 3.45am. But you know me an sleep - sleeping is over rated. Shame its not Christmas Day. Snow on Christmas would be nice.
This is the tree in Woodley town centre. I made hubby take me just now so I could see it. Would have gone to the lighting ceremony but sea patrol was on and those men in uniform took priority. Still kind of writing. I did do the complete rewrite on the other one that the editor suggested. I'll prob get another rejection IF I resubmit it. But... the one that really hurt was the one that had gone back and forth for a year and came back with a no. That one is sitting in the recycle bin now. Its safe mind - said bin gets empieted on the last day of every month. And yes its backed up, but... right now, i don't want to see or read it ever again. 10 years of work down the drain.
and there goes the hard copies of everything i ever wrote.


Someone forgot to tell the rosebush its November 26th and near freezing.
well its a good job i hadn't started on the website. not going to be needing it any time soon.

all novels have either been deleted or stuck on a disc and buried and there they will stay.

this isn't what i am meant to be doing, so not going to bother anymore.
nano and writing in general are going on the back boiler for now. Maybe forever, I dunno. two rejections in the space of five hours are enough. No more. Find something sensible to do with my time.

day 3 ish

Well for me its day 2 even tho its Nov 3rd. Yesterday i did 5k plus. Am almost at 5900 now, but stopped to make clowns. Yes, its home made pressies this year and its clowns lol. And its safe to put that here, cos none of my family know about this and wouldnt read it even if they did. So here we have one completed, one almost done, bar the hat and face and 4 bodies lying amongst glue and felt etc. Not a good pic cos the light was behind them but i couldn't be bothered to move them all. Off to mum and dad's now to sort out the cupboard under their stairs for them. Then back by 1pm for 2hrs writing before the kids come home from school. later

found a hero for my tsumani story

Yes, a man in uniform. lol. And a woman in uniform too for good measure. This is Ian Stenlake as LCDR Mike Flynn and Lisa McCune as LEUT Kate McGregor. From the Aussie drama Sea Patrol. I found it on the hallmark channel a few weeks ago and am now hooked.

So, he'll play Rob and seriuosly tempted to get her to play Kaylie.


Yes its almost time for 25 days of madness. Yes, I know there are 30 days in Nov. I don't write Sundays and there are 5 of them. Again. My name there is Tels.

Oh well, pressures good for you, right? And that's a round 2000 a day rather than the odd 1666.
Or something like that.

The pics not perfect but I'm not that good at photoshop and that image was like 5 layers and took me a good 3 hours, so I'm pleased with it. :) Its my book cover, sig on the nano forums and I even added a word count calandar to it for my desktop for Nov.

It's all planned in ywriter, all my scenes and plots points and all i want to do is write. The waiting is killing me lol. As usual I cast my novel so I can picture the MC and FC better.

Wildfire by CL Revell

Starring Brad Johnson (Left Behind, Safe Harbour) as Marc Chambers and Lucy Brown(Primeval) as Debra Turpin. Yes my MC's initials are really MC. Was so tempting to do the same with FC ;-)

Short synopsis

"The fire consumed me. That kind…

y writer

I downloaded this a couplehours ago and have more or less worked out how to add scenes and chapters. course it doens't help doing this way out of order and having to guess how far thru said novel the fire is going to happen lol.

Does anyone here use the programme? If so, how do i go about putting everything into one doc at the end so i can upload it and get it verifed at the end of Nov or for any other novel i may end up using it for?

I may well have missed that in the instruction pdf tht came with it...blame my hunk of an MC, who's name really is MC - don't ask.

Is there a way to do it? Or is it good old fashioned copy and paste?


Yes I'm mad but oh well. I have 2 characters, no names and not a vestige of a plot. But that's what nano is all about - right?

the madness starts in November. I am Tels on there if you want to check me out and see how I'm going. Or I may - if I have time to do anything else - update my progress on here.

too early?

Is it too early to get my hopes up and start designing a web page for my novels> I know nothing's been published yet, but i have this idea for a site and as the muse is still sick, mind you so am I, don't want to lose it.

and what size would i do it? any ideas?

but yeah it's prob way too soon and I'll have 3 no thanks you's arriving in my in box. :)

writers block

The muse has packed up and left. And presumabley taken the towel with him. I am completely at a loss with nothing to write. Well that's not quite true, I have a hero and a heroine and the basic jobs they do, but that's it. Nothing more and its driving me nuts.

I want to write. I need to write but nothing's happening. I even tried planning using a prompt table from LJ but that didn't help. Though that would be an idea for nano. A 50 prompt table, two characters and 1000 words per prompt or per scene. Hmmm. Okay, that's nano sorted. But doesn't help me right now.

Goes to find a wall to hit her head against.


Anyway... i've made 3/4 of an elf... tho I have run out of stuffing and tbh I think he looks more like a taelon than an elf... see above photo. I have another four cut out.

Had an email today to say my Christmas novel has been assigned to an editor and i should hear within 90 days. That makes it around Christmas lol. Very appropriate.

Guess I should start another or at least plan what I am doing for nano. I want to do a complee rewrite of Dark Orchid. Its more fiction than romance, yet I like it so I don't know. Maybe i keep planning the one i have in mind and write that for nano.

Better go, sounds like dinners boiling over. Already burnt my arm once today. Don't want to burn anything else.

did it

Finally sent of the querey letter for my Christmas novel. Now the wait begins. (reminds herself her aim of enough rejections to paper the living room. ;-) )


A post in honour of today's date - 9th Sept 2009 or 09/09/09

Had a busy weekend, our church holiday. Great fun, didn't stop, didn't write. Trying to go through All I want now before I send it off. Will no doubt get it back with another rejection but can't hurt to try.

My aim is to have enough rejections to paper the living room with ;-)

Kids are back at school. I'm back at work. Nothing much else to report really.

no the kids aren't back at school yet

I wish they were, but they're not. But this post isn't to moan about spongebob 24hrs a day. only its not. Probably about 12, with a little hannah montana and zach and cody thrown in.

my christmas story now has a title. I asked on FB for one lol and 'the holly and the kyle' was suggested. So until something else turns up, thats it.

i read a huge book in 2 days so really should do some writing now. Tho sponge bob is singing campfire songs in one ear and the muse is yelling in the other.

This happened once before and this was the result. Though you need to be a fan of Stargate SG1 to fully understand it as its from my fanfic collection.

Finished it lol

Finished The Sound of His voice :) 7600 words in three days. Now going to go back and work on fallen xmas. That so needs a better title.

Also want to do a second draft of sound of his voice then maybe send it to my CP.

and I have sent off my hearts crossing entry. Honestly not expecting to win and I know I'll only hear if I do win, but I had fun writing it and I've done my best and can't do anymore.

It's 10.37 and today so far i have made welsh cakes, scones and melting moments.
yesterday i cleaned the house, changed the beds, defrosted the freezer and cleaned the oven.

and hubby thinks i do nothing all day long.

oh and i also minded the kids. Who go back to school in 15 days. Fifteen verrrrrrrrrryyyyyy lonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg days.

And the muse ran away with the storm

Meet Cade. My muse. My very fickle muse who goes on long vacations without telling me, likes chocolate and cookies and Hillsong. Hates sponge bob, hannah montana and football. He also like writing himself into the story as the hero. Hmmm... maybe that's who Rob is lol.

Well I saved Sky and am waiting on the rest back from my CP now. Then its send it off and hope this time she says yes. It's the last attempt at this publisher with this one.

I started a new short yeterday. No I haven't finished the Christmas one but this one demanded writing, so I ran with it.

Almost 4k in less than 2 days. My fingers hurt. Course that doesn't include the 13k i retyped on Sky before i found an easy way to do it.

Must go find a Scottish translator for this one tho. My Scottish light house keeper keeps lapsing into Queen's English. See:-

Angus came up behind her. “Told ye, lassie. It’s going tae be a bad’un. I hope that young man o’yours made it back.”

“First, he’s not my young man. He’s …

yay for skiving

Well this is what i did today :) Got really sunburnt building sand castles on the beach. And i mean really sunburnt. When we left home for the 80 mile drive to the coast it was cloudy. We took coats. Didn't need them. I kilted my skirt way above my knees and even my legs burnt!I should be retyping Sky. A horrid mishap, which i prolly moaned about yesterday means i have to retype all 392 pages. I've managed 52 so far. But then 52 pages in 11 hrs of typing aint bad.

Bad Words

No, not the ones the kids say to annoy you or the ones that slip out when you're angry or you drop the dining table on your foot. The kind that we use every day but editors don't like. I asked my editor for a list of ones to edit out of Sky and she very kindly sent me the following. Oops - an ly word slipped in there. See - its so easy to do and so hard to avoid.

Look - not evey other line - my 70 page short story had 500 of these
Nod - see above!
a bit
a little
a lot
going to
in order to
ly adverbs
see/saw - no no, playing on the see saw in the park is still fine ;-)

Oh so many and so hard to avoid. My hero can no longer run quickly to his car, he has to speed or bolt or zoom. And as for hugging Miss Heroine tightly... ummm he hugs her until she can no longer breathe, faints and has to be revived with some mouth to m…

digs a hole and sticks a post in it.

It's 4.41am and again I'm awake. Probably because I fell asleep before 930pm last night. That's what happens why I lie on the bed and watch the TV. Oh well.

So i have HC back from my CP and it's good to go. Will sit on it for one more week, give it a final read then send it in. It's a contest entry so won't hear anything until after Christmas, if I hear anything at all.

I spent the last 10 days doing the first draft of a new story. It's a Christmas one. I'm now doing a second draft. It needs a lot more conflict than it has. It's funny though, the bits i'm adding in, fit perfectly with what's there. For example at the start she recognises the colonge he's wearing but can't place it. Now I know why. At the time it was just a random thought she had. Now it has a far more sinister purpose.

It's also written in first person pov. Unlike the other one I'm doing, which is both hero and heroine first pov, this is just the heroine. No ter…

And here we go again

Its another new week here. And I did trash the blog completely. Lost all the widgets, can't get half of them back again. Tempted to just forget this one and start a new one and be done with it. Have a different template on it then attempt to add stuff but that might just cause more problems than it solves.

Honestly don't know why others can manage it and I can't.

oh well. Nearly finished this new short story i started last week.

I wanna go back to work

Can the school holidays be over now please? Yes i know its only been two weeks but please... we had 4hrs of singstar yesterday and thats enough. I wrote nothing. I have this short story, only a max of 8k begging to be written and nothing...

maybe i just try and work a new layout for this. No idea how to change anything without screwing it up. I'm not clever like that. So maybe we just screw it up and see what happens.

well its started

School's out. The kids are off and I can tell.... Wanna know how.

They were up at 5.30am!!! So much for my quiet time to read and write and think.

Now its 6.39am. And we already have teh disney channel on. Loud. Honestly makes me long for the old days. When tv was only 2 hrs long and we had to make our own entertainment. These kids have 24hr tv, x box, sims on the comp, the internet and spend all day complaining their bored cos I wont'/can't spend out £40 a day on theme parks or train travel to london!

What's in a name?

Trouble that's whats in a name. I have great problems in titling things. Whether it be books or just the characters. Sometimes they arrive in my head with a name. Other times they don't.

Take the new one. Working title of Stranger. No I don't know why. It just is. Anyway the hero, who I still haven't decided is Robert Leeshock or Ryan Reynolds, has given me his name, rank and serial number. Literally as it happens. Squadron Leader Jared Jason Hawkins, one of the RAF's finest pilots.

But the heroine? Ummm she can't remember. Actually she can't remember anything, her name, the hero or anything. So she can't tell me a single thing about herself.

Course I could ask Jared, but he's too busy being a flyboy atm.

I have spent 3 hours on the babynames site trying to find her a name. Got it down to two. And if she decides she doesn't like them its Tough. I'll put her back in a coma for antoher 3 weeks and write the story from Jared's pov.



Who'd have thought that trying to find a new layout would be such a pain? Been looking for days now and it eiether doesn't have the right font or the background shows through the writing panals and the pics I have posted look silly or the background pic is in the wrong place and looks nothing like the preview.


wish i could make my own with nice properly centered header. and background that fits properly and text you can read.

But i really want something differeent from the one i have now or the plain ones blogger offer.

torn between leading men. Such a hard life

Now I don't know who to cast as the hero lol. It was going to be Robert Leeshock - see above.

But now I found Ryan Reynolds - him on the right. Okay why's blogger gone and done that? Why can't i have them going down the page like on LJ? Oh well so who do I chose? Course hubby would say neither and pick him lol. But he's too grey. (Just don't tell him I said that cos I actually like grey hair but for the purposes of this novel... he can't be that old.)

Long time no post

Its July already. Where's the year gone? It's been pretty busy here. And hot. Though Steph disagrees as its hotter in the Middle East evidently. But she has air con on the base. We don't.

Its been up in the low 30C's - that's the 90F's - little if no wind, no cloud and the humidity - ugh. Over 70% on a good day.

Add to this a daughter who dislocated her kneecap and is in a cast from top of her thigh to her ankle, a muse who's packed up and gone some place cooler and the fact school doesn't get out for another 3 weeks...

Rhys wants school to close cos its tooooooooo hot. His reasoning being it its too cold they close the school, so they should if its too hot as well.

We went to my sisters on Sat, sat in the garden, got very sunburnt, watched the Hercules coming in to Lyneham.

Am watching the men's tennis. I refuse to watch the women play cos they scream too much. If I can play tennis without doing that so can they.

how things have changed.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHO WERE BORN IN THE 1930s 1940s, 50s, 60s and early 70s !

First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us and lived in houses made of asbestos

They took aspirin, ate blue cheese, raw egg products, loads of bacon and processed meat, tuna from a can, and didn't get tested for diabetes or cervical cancer.

Then after that trauma, our baby cots were covered with bright coloured lead-based paints.

We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets or shoes, not to mention the risks we took hitchhiking.

As children, we would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags.

We drank water from the garden hose and NOT from a bottle.

Take away food was limited to fish and chips, no pizza shops, McDonalds KFC, Subway or Nandos.

Even though all the shops closed at 5.30pm and didn't open on the weekends, somehow we didn't starve to death!

We shared one soft drink wit…
giving writing a rest for a year or ten. Gonna put it all onto CD and delete it from the comp. Better that way.


Edit once, edit twice, then edit again. Keep reading it. Print it off and read it some more. Come back to it a week later, then ask several others to read it.

Common sense yes? Well, maybe... Mum read HC, I read it, my BF read it, 2 CP's read it - several others still have it and how many picked up on the error in this sentence?

“Did your mother never tell you not to eat with your mouth full?”


what error? Just read it very very carefully.... Yep, that error. See I know what I mean and most people know what I mean so read it as if it said it lol.

and its raining, so mum isn't getting her car back anytime soon. I don't want to have to start walking to and from work in the rain. Its meant to be a really hot summer? We had 4 days and now tis back to the rain again. Still, its made the grass nice and green once more so its not all bad.

personally i'm blaming hubby cos he's finally put the washing line up in the garden. :)

his new jobs going well. he comes in for lunch :)…

its finished

Yay. HC is finished. 11 writing days and 22.500 words. It's gone to my CP but it really needs another pair of eyes.

now back to sword and shield which also needs a new name as well as a rewrite.
I suggested on facebook that i feed my villian to the crocodiles. Someone then suggested he fall into the croc pond while running away from the police. Therefore crocs get him but its not the hero's fault. I like that idea. Seems a fitting end for someone who killed lots of ppl, notto mention what he's planning for the heroine but hasn't done yet.

oh... how did that happen? Okay who added the lets blow up the place the instant the hero and heorine leave it to the plot? Me thinks a long chat with the muse is called for.

Hubby starts his new job on Monday. Lol, just cos he and i had arranged something for Wed and now we can't do it. Oh well.


Passes the 12k mark. half way and i finally know what the vilian is up to. Hah

More importantly:
Hubby got the job in Winnersh - a 10 minute drive - or if he really wants to spend 3 hrs getting to work he can walk. Slowly. Cos even walking would only take 40 mins.

:) so right now homes a bit high and a bit silly. and writings a bit hard but oh well....


I am now 10, 285 into the new novel. Pretty good since that's only 4 and a half writing days spent on it so far.

its going okay, apart form the fact the mc's changed the plot a few times. I now know the ending - YAY.

Should have enough left to wrap this up before the 25k cut off. Am aiming for around 23k me thinks.

only thing i not worked out is.. does my villian

1. end up in a nice warm jail cell at her majesty's pleasure for eternity
2. end up dying in a hail of bullets
3. concrete boots

right now i veering towards number one, tho 3 might be fun to write. Thing is MMC can't kill him. So either he goes quietly or dies in a shoot out with police.

or.... hmmm maybe that would work... runs off to write it down


yay its half term

Which means no work for a week. Unnfortunaely this means schools out so i have 3 kids and hubby under foot. Oh well. Guess I spend the week plugged into my mp3 player and hiding from hannah montana, zach and cody and lizzie maguire.

on the writing front, wrote 2533 on HC yesterday. I have the whole thing planned with one excpeption. How to get rid of the bad guy. Feed him to the fishes in the local pond maybe? So far this morning am 730 words into chapter 2. going to aim at a chpater a day, more would be good but i not pushing it as i also wanted to work on S and S which is thinking abotu changing its name to FR lol. We'll see.

Did you guys know that live long and prosper is actually Deut 5v33?

just when you thought it was safe

D quit his job yesterday for health reasons. He's working from home for a week then thats it. He's applied somewhere locally and thats looking good but til he's got the contract in his hands....

And just as i got into rewriting sword and shield... along cmes an inspirational romance contest which i just HAVE to do. They provide the synopsis, you fill in the blanks and off you go.

So i have the hero sussed, his name, age, why he lost his faith and his deep dark for the heroine. All i have is her age lol.then i need where they met, the villans name and i can start writitng :)

has to be 20-24K


How can a child who has been vaccinated against whooping cough go and catch it??? When the only place she has been is school and no one else there has it???

answers on a postcard

I still here. Hubby has been off sick for a week, long story, he should go back tomorrow. Theres a faint possibility of a job back here... the 4-5 hour commute is killing him - but we'll have to see.

course i'm getting nothing written with hm around. i've got a couple ideas but even trying to get the bare bones down is hard. wondering if its worth continuing trying to write or do i just give up?

like i gave up trying to code this and come up with my own layout. Wanted to do the same over on lj but can't work it out there either. Still it freed up a bit of space when i deleted all the pics i'd made for it.

ugh writers block

Offers the muse cookies in the hope he'll come back. Soon.

Hubby has been signed off by the doc for a week. He's not right. The 5 hr daily commute is telling on him... he needs a job closer to home...


Is so having one of those days its just not true. Trying to cook dinner and run out of pasta, cornflour, milk, oxos... so quite what this will taste like is anyones guess.

i forgot to note my word count before i started writing. so no idea how much i have done today.

C rang me 3 times at work to ask where her trousers werehow do i know???? i empited the laundry basket yesterday. this morning it was 3/4 full, how do they do it? Not my fault if she decides BOTH pairs need washing on a Thurs night.

i got a headache i can't get rid off too and hubby won't be home for hours. mind you, the day was screwed when i got up at 4am... no take that back. it was screwed last night. hubby got in about 730pm and vanishes upstairs. i go up there to sit with him and he promptly goes out again.

Really am not wanted round here. Gonna go join a convent and become a nun

Its finished

What plays in Vegas is finished. Yay. Total of 49,785 words. Not bad for a first draft. Now to put it aside for a couple weeks and work on my query for Dark Orchid. Maybe...Thing is I had this idea... the stranger with her face.Maybe I can do both. Read DO and summarize it a little tonight, while kids around then work on new one while they at schoool tomorrow. :O Just worked out I wrote 3860 words today!!!

writers block...

Maybe I'm trying too hard. The novel is so nearly finished. All that's left is two, possibly three scenes. Can I write them? No. I know the kids have been off today as its a bank holiday in the UK and its been constant hannah montana since 6am and now its football, but even so....
not even a new desktop wallpaper helped. Maybe I just sit and stare at him a bit longer. Or I close this down and go sit by hubby and watch him watching the football...

yes its a post

What I want to know is who left it in the middle of the blog for me to fall over.

I see this has dropped back to not being read again. Oh well. the comments were nice while they lasted. tho i now know no one reads this for me, they came for Rhonda.

What plays in Vegas is almost finished. The sword fight is finally done.

what next? that's the question.

it'll be a toss between two. A rewrite of Maelstrom or Stranger. Both need completely rewriting. the question is which.

sci fi romance involving telepaths and a world of my own making


contemp romance involving a woman with anmesia and her husband who has to woo her all over again.


The theory goes if I can write 10 pages a day - or 2050 words on average - while the kids are home, i'll write more when they at school all day. Right?

Right?Uh.... nahhhhhhhh
Yesterday was 3 pages. THREE. Today i manged two so far.
I have an hour before EFC comes on. See pic for the reason why everything stops for efc. Must write at least another page in the next hour.... If not two. Dad's got physio this afty so won't get anything written after 1:30. Cracks whip... no its not that kind of a book :P

The world can wait?

Good morning. My name is Rhonda Parrish and I've been honored to be asked to come write a guest blog here at Clare's blog 'The world can wait'.

I love to do guest blogs, but sometimes it's very tricky to figure out something to write about. I have done several guest spots lately and I was beginning to feel like the well of subject ideas had gone dry, but I logged in while I tried to think of something to write about. That's when I processed the title of this blog.

The world can wait.

Sure, I'd seen the title before, but I hadn't actually ever thought about it before. Today, my caffeine-deprived brain just latched onto that title like a pit bull and wouldn't let go.

As a writer my biggest struggle is with writing. Not the mechanics of it, or revision, or flow, or ideas, characters not any of that. The hardest part for me is actually sitting my butt down in a chair and writing. Just pouring the words out of my brain and onto the page. It seems like it sho…

Rhonda Parrish Interview

Today’s and tomorrow's guest is Rhonda Parrish, author of Sister Margaret.

Today I'm putting her under the spotlight and interrogating her, uh asking her questions. Tomorrow I turn the blog over to her completely.

Review of Sister Margaret.

Sister Margaret is a short story about a vampire hunter and a half-incubus swordsman who are hired by a priestess to take care of an undead pimp. It’s written from the POV of Michael, who has never forgiven himself for abandoning his friend when they were younger. Determined to use this mission to put things right and make it up to her, Michael sets off, only to find things aren’t what they appeared to be.

The book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was fast paced from the start and its twists and turns make for gripping reading. The descriptions meant I had vivid images in my mind throughout the book. At just over 4000 words, Rhonda wastes none of them, throwing you straight into the story and leaving you breathless at the end.


Friday and poets day

Well teh writiings going okay I guess. I'm on chapter 14 atm and on page 152. Just to be confusing i'm also on page 156 cos I'm writing 2 sections at tthe same time. I'm averaging 10 pages or one chapter a day and as there is roughly 250 words per page thats... wow lots of words. :)

kids go back to school on monday, well 2 of the do. Bet i'll write less without the interupptions tho. lol

and i did a random search on facebook for robert leeshock, thinking maybe he had a fanpage or something. Uh no, did find him tho. or someone with the same name who looks just like him. and no i didn't friend him . wouldn't even consider it.

i did email hubby and tell him its poets day so he has to leave early, but i don't suppose it'll work because..."Sceince is not an exact subject. It doesn't finish at 5pm or 430 on a Friday."Wish it did. Hate being a commuting widow. :(

oh and in case you were wondering... Poets Day =


Guest Blogger Dates

Rhonda Parrish will be here Mon 20 and Tues 21 April. Monday will be a review of her novel and an interview. Tues I will hand the blog over to her to write what she likes.

On the home front we've had 2 storms in 2 days. Oh how we love running round the house at 1am unplugging modems, phone lines, comps and tv's when the storm goes from a mile away to over head with no warning.

i've written so much the last few days. I'm averaging 10 pages a day somehow. Course when it comes to writo de mayo next month, Cade the muse will prob pack his bags and head for the hills lol. Not that I write anything between 6 and 8 in the evenings. Can't think why. Probably something to do with a certain actor on a certain tv show. :)

hunk alert

I found the hero for the next novel... not that i finished Vegas yet or have an idea but... Robert Leeshock. This is a cut down version of my desktop wall paper atm. You see writo de mayo is coming up soon. Thats a similar challenge to nanowrimo, run on LJ, by Rhonda - who is guest blogging here sooon. Unlike nano, we get to chose our own targets, be it writing something new, a series of drabbles, fanfic, or just finishing the nano novel. i usually try to do something new. This time it depends if Vegas is finished. I'm 11 chapters into this atm. and the fave bit from what i wrote today is: Tamlyn sighed as Martin swept stuff off the couch to the floor and sat down. She looked at him. “Excuse me?”
“Why, what have you done?”
She put her hands on her hips and looked him square in the eyes. “Do you insinuate that I should tolerate such diabolical insubordination, from such a mere microscopic specimen of anatomy as yourself whose comprehension cannot even comprehend my meaning? Therefore c…


Well its done and turned to rtf format and 8x11 and then i had kittens cos i was trying to get the chapters back to the top of a new page and 23 wasn't there. I checked again




noooooooooo. this has been read by the editor sev times and by mum and my CP went thru it sev times and only just sent it back. wheres 23 gone....

read 22 and 24 and it carries on fine. get to the end and... 24, 25

phew. we just had 2 24's....

calms self down. checks again all thru the doc and then attaches it and sends back to TWRP as requested. Now we just sit and wait.
Don't you just hate it when the muse hijacks your nicely laid out plot and kyboshes it? Well that's what Cade has gone and done. The idea was that Tamlyn would fall for Martin and then fall into mortal danger and get rescued by him. Not married off to someone else. Me thinks i shall have to go deal with Cade and somehow get this plot back on track.
I'm going to have my first guest blogger on here soon. :)
Rhonda Parrish has just had her novel Sister Margaret published

Michael has always felt bad about the way he treated his friend Charmaine when they were younger, even going so far as to blame himself for her becoming a prostitute. Now she's a priestess to Rakkir, the god of secrets and lies, and he is given a chance to make up for mistakes of the past when she calls him to deal with a problem for her. A vampire problem. But the more involved Michael gets, the more he realizes Charmaine may not be telling him the whole story…and she may have changed even more than he suspected.

I'll keep you posted as to when she'll be guest blogging here
Roulette scene solved. Tamlyn doesn't have the faintest idea what she's doing and as this scene is totally in her POV it doesn't matter that I don't either :D

Written one chapter and almost 2500 words so far today. Started writing at 7am and its now 11am. I've been procrastinating for half an hour now, so really that's 2500 words in 2hrs 30 mins. And if i could work out my speed i would, but i'm useless at maths. Sides which i'm getting up everyso often to do laundry, see to kids and ease my banged up knee. So take out half hour for that and you get 2500 words in 2 hours :P
Well i decided that Ben Browder can be the hero in my latest novel. :) I can just see him with a cane too playing the part of Martin the cop. I know just the person to play Tamlyn opposite him and may post a pic of her too at some point. I find it easier to cast my novels as i write for some reason.Back to writing. Tho the rate things are going, if i can't find a site that describes blackjack or roulette in siimple terms i can understand, the novel won't be in Vegas.
So Martin and Tamlyn now have a working title of What Plays in Vegas. I found a hotel and floorplans for the rooms on line. Can't find the info i need on gambling and how to play blackjack or roulette tho, so not quite sure what i am going to do now. Can't wing it no matter how much i'd like to.

not that we've got past Chapter Four lol. I have five and six planned and figured i might just sit here and plan the rest of the novel. Then at least with the kids on school hols now i have some kind of a plan to follow. I don't like writing like that but won't have much of a choice the next couple weeks.

It needs an impartial eye over it really but oh well.
Mum read Piece of Sky. It took her a whole day lol. And for her that's an achievement. Normally she reads a little just before she goes to bed. But a whole 76k in a day!

She found a few typos that i missed and then i found some she missed. She kept correcting my spelling, not realising that color was deliberately spelt that way and not colour. But she liked it :) And yes she's biased but even so! :D

Hopefully i'll get it back from my CP soon then can send it back to TWRP and just cross my fingers again.

Still need a title for the new one. Tempted to cal it 'what plays in vegas' but i dunno. That implies erotic and its far from that. I'm sure one will come to me when i least expect it. like when i'm working at the school, or half way home and have no way of writing it down.

ok dunno whats going on here. all the blogs i was following have vanished, story of my life. no idea how to find them again.

thats just made my day [perfect!

typos happen everywhere, including churches ;-)

These sentences (with all the BLOOPERS) actually appeared in church bulletins or were announced in church services:
The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes meals.
The sermon this morning: 'Jesus Walks on the Water.' The sermon tonight: 'Searching for Jesus.'
Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale. It's a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house. Bring your husbands.
Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our community. Smile at someone who is hard to love. Say 'Hell' to someone who doesn't care much about you.
Don't let worry kill you off - let the Church help.
Miss Charlene Mason sang 'I will not pass this way again,' giving obvious pleasure to the congregation.
For those of you who have children and don't know it, we have a…
Yay the first three chapters of Tamlyn and Martin are finally done and I'm happy with them. No idea how she managed to end the chapter with him kissing her. And they'd only known each other about 6 hrs by that point, so thats pretty good going on her part. Struggling to keep it in her pov and not head hop but oh well. Think martin's had his pov twice in 32 pages.

what can i say. Tamlyn's a very decisive woman. Spoiled brat, but decisive. It still doesn't have a title. Might have to go consult my lj list and see what ones i have that i've not used yet.

Ugh, i'm covered with hair now. Just cut hubby's hair with the clippers, gave him a grade three, tho i did tell him it was a zero! And think i've got as much on me as he does on his back now. ;-) No point in changeing cos eldest son wants his done when he gets back from his mates house.
I#ve been tossing the sword and the shield around for a couple days. Alternating between that and the as yet unnamed Martin/Tamlyn one. My main prob with them both is which POV to use. Then I just read this.

problem solved. Sword and Sheild, altho mainly Tom's story has to open with Suzanne. Maybe have a chapter form each POV there. We'llsee.

And the other one stays in Tamlyn's pov the whole chapter. Aside from one little bit of Martin's.

My problem is I write like a movie. Scenes change depending what the audience see. It's a hard habit to kick, but oh well. is a good one too. I did that with Sky and both Sara and Luke get well over the 1000 mentions they need. Of course, she spends half the time calling him Leftenant, half to annoy him, half to teach him to pronounce words correctly.
Not bothering with the russian doll rewrite. i'tll be like everything else i write and not be worth reading.

I just can't take anymore. No more letters or phone calls or anything else. Would go but no where to go.
Considering forgetting this blog. Well its got no followers. no one reads it and tbh i've just had enough. If i vanished overnight no one would miss me or even notice.

Finally heard back from EDF re the russian doll. They want me to change it and resubmit it. Story of my life lol. Maybe if the muse wasn't in the middle east...

And after today i'm not speaking to my comp anyway. I dragged and dropped the WRONG COPY of Shattered onto the backup drive! I put the PC one onto the USB not the other way wrong.

30 pages gone!

No idea what they said. Can't get them back.

on top of that its the wrong day to try to do anything.
no one reads this and i dont' care. Means i can say what i want basically and not have someone yell at me cos they take it the wrong way. LJ being case in point.

J got her place at the other school.

I just having a bad day today. My 18ct gold bracelet i had for my 18th bday is irrepairable. The jewller made it into a smaller one to fit my girls but its not the same thing.
I couldn't get the fabric i needed for the doll.
the dragons didn't work so i threw them out.
and to rub it in, if S was serving on a Brit Base I wouldn't have to pay postage on her parcel. But cos she is in the USAF not the RAF I do!
Doesnt' it really matter which miliary it is?
She's still serving her country on active duty.

Procrastinating again

Yes i should be writing but the muse has up and left. Think its currently in a desert in the middle east somewhere with S. Probably won't come home til she does. 5 mths and counting. FFIM just isn't the same somehow.

in other news hubby starts his new job in 3 weeks. And then i become a commuting widow again. So not looking forward to that but nothing i can do. He needs a job and there just aren't any scientific ones round here.

So i'm trying to change J's school to the one i work in so she can come in with me at 7am, otherwise i have to quit work or she's late for school every day else there's no one in the house.

Yes i know R and C are here but at 14 and 13 they can deal with themselves and not a 9yr old. Dunno i trust them tbh to deal with themselves but what can i do?

not much else has happened.

the novel is still going back and forth. least they havent' said no yet. It's currently with my crit partner. once i get it back i can go thru it then sent …