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for ceryn

In memory of Dr Harry Cunningham. Cruely murdered by the BBC scriptwriters on last nights Silent Witness. And resurrected the following day. Nice plot twist BUT the way he survived... so not plausible. I'm sorry, but my 11yr old could have done better than that.

Blast from the past

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. Once apone a time... (yes my spelling was rotten when i was a child.)

Dad had arranged to have his attic relagged. That meant taking Everything out of it. They now have no bedrooms lol. He's throwing out a lot of stuff...and giving us back what we haven't taken that's ours. Now you'd have thought after 18½ yrs I'd have taken all mine...wrong.

He also found these... hmmm, maybe i cropped the pics too much.

Anyway, these Paris prints were on the walls when I grew up and I loved them. They were a first wedding anniversary pressie for my parents way back in 1965 and they now be mine.

This one I adore. It's called song of the surf. Another print...this time a wedding pressie from 1964. And it too is now mine :D

He also found school reports. Mine from the 70's. Eeeek

July 1975 - All Clare's work will be much better when she learns to present it tidily. I feel that in English, Clare is not producing as high a stand…

and the muse ran away with the plan

Seriously. I was doing my chapter plans - literally the first draft is done in note form the old fashioned way by pencil and on narrow feint paper. Don't ask, but it has to be narrow feint paper. I knew what I wanted to happen.
Then Cade appears. Cade is my muse
And all of a sudden things are happening that weren't meant to. Well what's a girl to do? Argue with him? I tried.
Even set Evan on him. Evan the inner editor. It didn't work. And now Cade has decided to go away, leaving me with Patrick having had a nuclear warhead dropped on him. Not literally, but the poor guy is shaking and feeling sick and in knots and Eleanor is crying cos she didn't want to tell him like this. Maybe I take away Cade's cookie rations for the next week until he decides to play nice. Reckon that would work?

Guest author - Dana Sudboro

Today we also have Dana Sudboro, author of Continents Apart


Odette Peterson has a clear understanding of where the Lord wants her, and that's in the African missionary field. When she meets veteran missionary, Xavier Sand, she embraces their budding relationship. He's everything she's wanted in a man: Christian, kind, and a man who's dedicated his life to ministry. But when he insists she put aside her evangelization efforts and join him in Japan, she finds she must let Xavier go.

Xavier cannot understand why Odette stubbornly clings to the idea that God wants her in Africa. Missionary, yes, but she can do missionary work anywhere. After all, he does. Despite all his efforts to convince her to change her conviction, she refuses and Xavier finds himself floundering for significance in his life.

Across three continents, and with others vying for their hearts, Odette and Xavier must learn to trust that God knows what's best for their futures...even if that means the…

Guest Author - Anne Greene

Today we welcome Anne Greene who is talking about her novel Masquerade Marriage. ANNE delights in writing about wounded heroes and gutsy heroines. She writes both historical and suspense novels. After falling in love with several countries and their people, Anne set a number of her books in exotic locations. She and her hero husband, Army Special Forces Colonel Larry Greene, have visited twenty-five countries, including three communist countries. A visit to Scotland resulted in her newest book release, Masquerade Marriage, published by White Rose Publishing. When she’s not deployed with her husband, Anne makes her home in McKinney, Texas. Two of her four children live nearby. Tim LaHaye led her to the Lord when she was twenty-one and Chuck Swindoll is her Pastor. In 1990, Anne graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Literary Studies from the University of Texas, Dallas. Her highest hope is that her stories transport the reader to an awesome new world and touch hearts to…

Guest Author - Mary Manners

Today we welcome Mary Manners who's touring with her new release - Tender Mercies.

CR. How did you come up with your premise? Is there a story behind your book? How did the story evolve?

MM - My husband loves football, so I’ve learned to love it, too. We live near the University of Tennessee, and football is a huge tradition here. I thought it would be fun to embrace that tradition and get ‘inside’ a player’s mind for awhile. Writing Tender Mercies was a lot of fun, and my husband was pleasantly surprised by my ability to accurately weave the elements of football throughout.

CR. For those who are not familiar with this story, would you please give us the blurb?

MM Gladly.

When Lexi Taylor resorts to hosting an online auction to raise money for her fledgling youth center, the last thing she expects is to be matched for a date with Cooper Jackson. Lured by the premise of a lucrative NFL career, the hometown hero and former University of Tennessee quarterback broke off their engag…

When life throws you lemons...

So at 4.15 this afty I went to start dinner. Opened the freezer to find the door opened easier than it should. Not a good sign.

The drawers were covered with a sheet of ice. Icicles hung everywhere. Boxes were wet.

Dinner promptly became whatever was thawed out. The towels came straight out the dryer and onto the floor and I began an emergency defrost. Having first found the thermal bags to put the contents in.

But there was so much ice I decided to have fun as well.

Meet Steve. I sent him by text to Dad. He wanted to know if we were gonna eat him. No... he melted. Poor Steve. But he's my FB pic now. Lol.

Book Review - The Trespass by Scott Hunter


First they tried to kill him. Then they took his daughter... Anthropologist Simon Dracup knows that his only hope of finding her alive lies within the pages of his grandfather's diary, the record of a near century old expedition to Mount Ararat, legendary resting place of the great Ark of Noah. When the CIA pays him a visit Dracup learns that something was found on the Ark. Something priceless. Now its owners have taken it back, but they want revenge and Dracup is their prime target. Dracup finds himself plunged into a desperate battle for survival as he hunts for evidence that will lead him to the sinister Korumak Tanri, but even he could not have predicted the shocking truth about the mysterious cult and the ancient secret they are sworn to protect. .


Wow. This book is a page turner from start to finish. Completely unputdownable, it's a compelling read that drags you in and holds your attention from cover to cover. An innocent inheritance drags Simon Dracup into …


Yes its another cool date - 11/1/11 but I don't really have anything to say. I was hoping I would but I don't. Just like I can't write anything atm. Muse was working lovely yesterday - then the kids came home and on went the TV and that, as they say, was that.

I'm over HERE today, where you have a chance to win a copy of my ebook Season for Miracles

very short story

My FB status was to read or to write, that is the question. Someone suggested a short story for FB. This was the result. It's very early here, okay... not even 6am yet

The Watcher by Clare Revell

To some it was a thankless task and a pointless exercise. The country of Ambleside hadn’t been attacked in years, well living memory to be precise. For centuries it had been at war with the neighbouring country of Esher. Then just as suddenly it had stopped. An awkward and fragile peace existed between the two towns, one that could be broken at any time.

So King Sabin of Ambleside insisted on the border being protected and on this remotest of remote outposts being manned at all times. Not that you could call it an outpost. Oh they did, but the three men who split the watch between them had other less savoury names for it. None of which are repeatable in company or the presence of small children.

From here they could just make out the roofs of Ambleside’s tallest buildings. The road stretched…


At the risk of running away all my 10 followers... Why?

Surely that's like taking the holocaust of of the Diary of Anne Frank incase we offend the Germans.

Or like removing Rob Roy from English librarys, and William Wallace come to that because we don't want to remember how badly we treated the Scots at times.

It's history. We may not like it, it may make us feel uncomfortable or ashamed to be English or whatever... But it's there to stop us making the same mistakes again.

Remove that and who's to stop people from doing it over.

gets off soapbox and goes back to her new story. For some reason I'm writing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays Child concurrently. Dont' ask why. Tis very confusing lol. Though, technically since one has no memories, one is deaf and one is fighting to save her business from being bought out its n…


~Happy New Year~

Just an excuse to post the date really. 1/1/11

Kid 1 been sick and in bed since boxing day. He's still there. So basically I havent' gone anywhere the whole holiday even tho I better now. Did leave him for a couple hours yesterday as I was going stir crazy -- 7 hrs of Tracey Beaker will do that. As will 2 solid weeks of Zach and Cody, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place and Sonny with a Chance.

But I go back to work on Tuesday - yayayayayayayayay,
Means kids go back to school - yayayayayayyayay

Cos then I can write...something that i can't do with the tv on and kids around cos they like interuppting mummy soon as she opens word.

See no one bothered me this entire blog entry. I'll open word....

see better go.... kids want me now.