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Lullaby in Lone Creek by Mary Manners

blurb: In eight seconds Dalton Merrill's professional bull riding days—and the fame he enjoyed—ended. When the adrenaline-junkie returns to Lone Creek Ranch to heal, he discovers a single reckless romp with sweet Emilee Walker has left her with more than a little heartbreak. She’s carrying his child. The last thing he wants is to be tied down with a wife and a son. Emilee Walker trusted Dalton with her heart, and he left her for the rodeo. She wanted Dalton to return home, but not like this. Now she wonders if it's responsibility or love that holds him on Lone Creek. This time she vows to show him what family ties and faith in God really means. review : 5/5 stars Fantastic scenery combine with true to life characters in this, the second of the Lone Creek stories, Ms. Manners has once again crafted a story that tugs at the heart strings and isn't afraid to hit real life issues head on. Throughout it's pages, the undercurrent of God's love and guiding hand

sick, bleugh

Am behind in my reading and reviewing and I apologise. Yeah, I have writing deadlines, but not so much I can't read too :) I'm sick. Thought I'd done well, escaping the winter with a mild cough that hung around since before Christmas. But Sunday it turned into bronchitis. Now I'm alternating between bed and the comp periodically to check mail and so on. Lots of sleeping going on. Lots of coughing and sneezing. More coughing. Just sitting up provokes a coughing fit that can last well over an hour. It doesn't help being allergic to penicillin either. But i have erythormicin and my Ventolin inhaler. A week or so and I'll be fine :) If I promised you a review, its' coming :D PS. Pelican books have contracted the rest of the series :D All seven books Yay