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writers block

The muse has packed up and left. And presumabley taken the towel with him. I am completely at a loss with nothing to write. Well that's not quite true, I have a hero and a heroine and the basic jobs they do, but that's it. Nothing more and its driving me nuts. I want to write. I need to write but nothing's happening. I even tried planning using a prompt table from LJ but that didn't help. Though that would be an idea for nano. A 50 prompt table, two characters and 1000 words per prompt or per scene. Hmmm. Okay, that's nano sorted. But doesn't help me right now. Goes to find a wall to hit her head against.


Anyway... i've made 3/4 of an elf... tho I have run out of stuffing and tbh I think he looks more like a taelon than an elf... see above photo. I have another four cut out. Had an email today to say my Christmas novel has been assigned to an editor and i should hear within 90 days. That makes it around Christmas lol. Very appropriate. Guess I should start another or at least plan what I am doing for nano. I want to do a complee rewrite of Dark Orchid. Its more fiction than romance, yet I like it so I don't know. Maybe i keep planning the one i have in mind and write that for nano. Better go, sounds like dinners boiling over. Already burnt my arm once today. Don't want to burn anything else.

did it

Finally sent of the querey letter for my Christmas novel. Now the wait begins. (reminds herself her aim of enough rejections to paper the living room. ;-) )


A post in honour of today's date - 9th Sept 2009 or 09/09/09 Had a busy weekend, our church holiday. Great fun, didn't stop, didn't write. Trying to go through All I want now before I send it off. Will no doubt get it back with another rejection but can't hurt to try. My aim is to have enough rejections to paper the living room with ;-) Kids are back at school. I'm back at work. Nothing much else to report really.