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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas Eva by Clare Revell

A voice in the light woke her from a coma. But can the man pull her from the darkness of her life?

Eva Anderson is trying to rebuild her life after a devastating accident. The first voice she hears when she awakes is actor Harry “Matthew” Lyell—A man she could love. But left in a wheelchair, she’s withdrawn into herself.

Harry Lyell often wonders about the woman he met at the theatre door and then again, when she woke from a coma. Trusting in his faith in God, he knows there must be something special in Eva.

As Christmas approaches, Eva and Harry's lives are drawn together in a way neither imagines. Can Harry help Eva find the Christmas miracle she needs or will a simple article destroy any future they might have?


The monitors beeped faster, and Eva’s hand definitely moved.
Mrs. Anderson stood. "Nurse?"
Harry kept talking. "So, I was in town today and thought I’d call in and see how you were doing. Don’t tell anyone, but I had an audition for the pantomime at the Adelphi theatre in the center of town. They want me to be a pirate." Eva’s fingers laced into his. His heart rate increased at her touch.
"Keep talking to her. She’s responding to you," the nurse said. "Someone page Dr. Jameson stat."
Tears rolled down Mrs. Anderson’s cheeks, and Harry swallowed hard, feeling pretty choked himself.
He rubbed her arm gently with his free hand. "I mean, a pirate?"
Eva’s eyes flickered and opened, fixing on Harry’s face.
Mrs. Anderson gasped. "She’s awake!"

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