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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

nano day 1, pad 1

word count 2000/50,000
poems written 1/30
hours spent procrastinating, playing on FB, twittering... way too many.

Is the story going to plan - uh no
Are the characters behaving? uh no
Are you writing the story you intended? uh no.
Cos for some reason Jordan and Heidi jumped in and usurped John and Jo. So it looks like I have two at once. Grrrr.

So i shall be doing both and then connecting them with a ... meanwhile on the other side of town. Hah. Take that muse.

Anyway, am now writing a little of Niamh. That incidently is pronounced Neeve. Hmm what's wrong with incidently? Spell check doesn't like it. Well :P to the spell check and back to writing.

Ohhhh.................. Time's Arrow has a release date - and a page. :) Dec 11th :)

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