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Monday, 27 December 2010

blogging withdrawal symptoms

Is suffering blog withdrawal symptoms lol. Having posted everyday til the 25th - cept those few days when i was too sick to even look at a comp, it seems strange not doing so. Well I've been busy rewriting Rescue Dawn. It was fun doing it and I think its better for it. Now going back to Tuesdays Child. Figured I should have 3 done before I send the proposal of 7 to my editor. However Sky would fit into this wonderfully and wouldn't take much rewriting in order to do it. So that's a possibility.

In other news, R has succumbed to the dreaded lurgy. He's slept most of the last 2 days. He wants to go to my sisters tomorrow, but that depends how he is.

I dyed my hair this morning. It didn't look this colour on the packet tho, lol. Can't get a decent photo as you either get the double chin, missing teeth or both at the same time. So no photo.

I found a load of free books on Amazon, so I've added some to my kindle. I can get 3500 on there apparantly. Currently have 64 so plenty of room lol. And yes I do have mine on there.

Back to Niamh and Jared. Hope you all had a good Christmas. :)

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