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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Behind door number one

For the next 24 days I bring you 24 short Christmas stories.

Dec 1st

Victoria looked up at her parents, her eyes full of tears. “But, Mummy, I need it.”

Her mother shook her head. “The letter from the school says you need a white tee shirt, white tights and some gold tinsel.”

“And this. Daddy, tell her...”

Rob looked at her. “Vicky you don’t need a wig. You have lovely long blonde hair. You’ll make a beautiful angel”

Victoria stamped her feet. “Need it, need it, need it,” she yelled.

“Angels do not have red hair,” he explained patiently. “So you don’t need a red wig.”

“Christmas angels do,” Victoria insisted. “The song says so. So we have to have red hair.”

Rob looked at his wife confused. The only song he knew with red in was Rudolf the red nosed reindeer and a couple about Santa. Neither contained angels. “What song?” he asked.

His daughter looked at him. “The hair red angel one.”

It still did not ring a bell. “I don’t know it.”

Victoria rolled her eyes. “Yes you do!” she said, hands on hips with all the irritation a five year old could muster. “We sing it in church every year. With trumpets.”

“Sing it to me now,” he asked her.

Victoria took a deep breath. “Then can I have the red wig for the play?”

Rob nodded.

“Good,” she said. Then in a voice that sounded like an angel’s she sang, “Hark the hair red angels sing Glory to the new born king.”


JoAnn said...

I love the advent theme. I hope to stop back by tomorrow for the next one. :)

Delia Latham said...

Too cute, Clare! I enjoyed this - and what a great idea you've come up with. I don't know if I have enough ideas in me to come up with a different story every day for that long...lol I look forward to reading the next ones.

Marianne Evans said...

Clever girl, clever girl! :-) Great idea, Clare, and cute as can be. God bless!

Donna B said...

LOL...that's not how I remember the song! I can't wait for tomorrow's post! Very sweet!

Clare Revell said...

Thanks for stopping by guys :) So glad you enjoyed it.
I have a list of 25 words associated with Christmas so its one story per prompt.