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Friday, 24 December 2010

Advent calender Dec 24

eyes wide open, peeping over the edge of the bed

"He's been!" an excited voice calls.

"Shhh," a giggle. "You'll wake them up."

feet patter from one room to the other

paper rustles as eager fingers empty stockings trying to work out what the parcels are.

"Mine's bigger than yours."

"Can we wake them now? What's the time?"

more footsteps, this time heavier as they run to the clock.

"It's only two am. Mummy said six."

"Don't want to wait... let's go see if they're awake."

footsteps and dragging noises

excited whispers

the door gets pushed open

"Mummy are you awake?"

not answering she keeps her breathing regular

"Daddy are you awake?"


"Oh... okay.... He says he's not awake."

laughter from the hallway

"Maybe he's sleeping then..."

he tries not to laugh wondering how anyone could sleep with all this noise.

"Daddy are you sleeping?"


he pretends to snore

more laughter then running footsteps and four children jump onto the bed.

"Can we open our presents now? Please?"

tired eyes look at the clock then each other then at the excited eyes in front of them.

"Sure... then go back to bed."

ripping paper, screams of excitement

Christmas morning.

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