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Sunday, 19 December 2010

advent calender day 19

Sara looked down at the mess in front of her. It had looked so easy when she read the instructions and she wanted this to be perfect and special. This was their first real Christmas together.

Last year did not count. She had been trying to ignore how she really felt about Luke and trying to hate him instead. After all he was the cop who was pretending to be the father of her unborn twins and masquerading as her dead husband. Then she had been kidnapped and then rescued in the early hours of Christmas morning only to then pass out and need an emergency caesarean section.

At least that had brought the both of them to their senses and he had proposed a few days later.

So this was their first Christmas as husband and wife. The twins’ first Christmas as well as their first birthday. The huge tree sat in the bay window and Luke’s pile of perfectly wrapped presents sat there mocking the pathetic attempt in front of her.
Sara threw the screwed piece of paper across the room and screamed in frustration.

“Honey, you okay?” Luke called from the other room.

“Just peachy,” she replied.

“Want some help?”

“No I can manage.”

“Okay hon. Making cocoa if you want some.”

“In a bit.”

“Cream and marshmallows...”

“I’ll be there.” Sara took a deep breath. She pulled the box towards her again and picked up the ribbon. “It can’t be that hard,” she whispered. She looked at the instructions and then at the ribbon in her hand. She slowly and painstakingly began to wrap the ribbon round the box.

Finally she succeeded and looked in triumph at the perfectly wrapped gift. She placed it under the tree and went to find her husband and the promised cocoa.