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Delia Latham - Facing Goliath

t's Christmas in July. Over the next week or so, I'll be sharing Christmas books. Here's one for today.

Facing Goliath
Delia Latham

We’ve all heard the Bible story about David, a young boy who faced off against a real, flesh-and-blood giant—and won! Goliath was a giant so frightening that not one man in the Israelite army came forward to answer his taunting challenge. But David did. He stepped out in faith, God went with him (as He always will), and together they sent that monster to the ground.
We face giants too, although not usually the flesh-and-blood variety. Ours are situations in our lives that just seem too hard. Too big. Too impossible. Too painful. Too much. But the same God who went with David onto that battlefield still stands close by today, waiting to help us face the beasts that put fear into our hearts and steal our joy.
Giants come in different forms: fear, sorrow, hurt, unforgiveness, sickness, worry…and the list goes on. But no giant is big enough, strong enough, smart enough, or just plain ugly enough to overcome the Creator of the Universe. He’s waiting for us to choose our stones, load them in our sling, and let ’em go.
Let’s talk about the stones. David didn’t just mosey down to the creek and pick up a handful. He chose each one. Stones with bumps and lumps that might not fly true to his aim wouldn’t do. He wanted five smooth stones. Perfect little weapons for his meager arsenal.
He only needed one. So do we. But the more of God we can take with us, the more confidence we will gain.
What are we putting in our slings to battle the enemy? God has given us so many rock-solid weapons. Faith. Hope. Love. Trust. Forgiveness. Obedience. Service. Prayer. The Holy Ghost. We have access to a complete arsenal of stones worn smooth by trials and proven effective in every battle situation.
What is your Goliath? A bully? A broken marriage? A past hurt? A particular sin? A trying family life? Social and economic temptation? Loss of love? Satan has placed so much in this world to tempt and taunt the child of God. But he cannot stand against the weapons mentioned above.
In the Smoky Mountain Christmas collection, each of the four heroines left their home at some point in the past because of a Goliath-like situation. Returning to Gatlinburg isn’t easy, but each of the young women choose to face their giant. They sling their individual smooth stones and bring down the enemy. God provides them the courage and the ability to face the beasts in their lives and reclaim what Satan stole.
My heroine (Laramie Buchanan, Do You See What I See?) returned to face a situation that seemed impossible before she made the trip home, and even more impossible once she arrived. But God had a plan, and once Lari gave herself back to Him, placed the battle in His hands, everything became clear. Through brand new eyes, she saw something amazing. Three years ago, she’d fled Gatlinburg to survive a crushing blow from what felt like a two-ton demolition ball. She left her home, family and friends, and lost her faith on the way. But when she allowed God back in, let Him touch her vision and give her brand new, spiritual sight, she discovered that destructive weapon that almost destroyed her dreams was no more crushing than a child’s Nerf ball.
Lari’s stone was faith. She couldn’t see a solution, but she ultimately chose to believe in God, no matter the outcome. And her Goliath didn’t stand a chance.
Neither will yours. What giant are you facing today? Choose your stones—make sure they’re tried and proven weapons in God’s arsenal—and then load your sling. That perfect, living Stone (I Peter 2:4) will bring down your giant, whatever and whoever it is.

Want to win an electronic copy of Do You See What I See? How about that and another little bonus gift? (Sorry, I can only offer the bonus prize to U.S. residents. But if you live outside the states, I’ll send another eBook: Hummingbird Kisses (Hummingbird Hollow, #1). How’s that?)
Here’s how to get a chance at today’s prize: You’re going on a bit of a scavenger hunt. Visit my website (, find the answer to the question(s) below, then come back here and share with all of us.
I’ll be teaching an online class on Sept. 3. What is the title of the class, and who is my audience?

Do You See What I See? Blurb:
Laramie Buchanan’s fiancé betrayed her on what should have been their wedding day. Evan Lassiter is still trying to recover from being jilted at the altar three years ago. Yesterday's heartbreak blinds them both to a surprising truth that could heal their hurting hearts. Will they see it in time to save their love?

Delia and her husband Johnny live in East Texas, where their pampered Pomeranian, Kona, kindly allows them to share her home. The author enjoys multiple life roles as wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend, but above all, she loves being a princess daughter to the King of kings. She admits to a lifelong, mostly un-battled Dr. Pepper addiction, and loves hearing from her readers.
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Delia Latham said…
Clare, thank you so much for hosting me today! I always enjoy visiting with you and hanging out on The World Can Wait blog. I'm excited about spending the day with you and your readers.
Delia Latham said…
By the way, I meant to compliment you on the new look for your blog. I love it!
Dear sweet Delia,
Loved this story of David and how he chooses his stones. The visual is so like you and will stick with me a long time. THANK YOU!!!

I consider myself a pretty good treasure hunter but could not find anything about a class September 3. I am sure it was right in front of my nose LOL.

Love you big HUGs
Delia Latham said…
Hello, Renette! Thank you, once again, for being such a staunch supporter of me and my books. Sorry you didn't find the Sept. 3 booking. Maybe try digging a little deeper into the "When and Where" of things... :)
Hehe, finally found it!
Thought I had clicked every link there was on there but guess not lol

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