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Me and Jake by Boo Riley


Ty told his twin brother, Cameron, that he felt like something was going to happen to change their lives. Little did he know how prophetic that statement would be, or how soon it would come to pass. What seems like a series of coincidences are anything but, and what’s more amazing, Ty’s coon dog, Jake, might not be a dog at all.

Character Interview   

1.      Tell us you’re your name and a little bit about yourself.

My name is Ty Ray. I have a twin, Cameron, but we don’t look alike. Don’t think alike either, but well, we’re 14 and going into the 9th grade. And I have a coon dog. His name is Jake, and he only has one eye, but he gets by just fine. Besides my brother, Jake is my best friend. He picked me, Jake did. Come out of the woods one day and walked straight to me, wagging his. He’s been by my side ever since.

2.      Tell us where you live and why you chose to live there.

Me and Cameron live back in the woods a piece, just outside of Ozark, Arkansas. We live with our dad and Momma Ray. She isn’t our ma, but that’s what she likes to be called. We haven’t seen out real ma since she signed us over. We didn’t choose to live here, weren’t old enough. Me and Cameron have been talking about that very thing for some time now. We’ve about decided we do have another choice and might make a move at any time.

3.      What is your favorite thing to eat and drink?

I don’t have a favorite thing. Come to think on it, I don’t believe there is anything I don’t like, especially at school. A lot of kids don’t like school lunch. I do. Cameron too. Sometimes, I’ll bring home a school burger or hotdog one of the other kids doesn’t want, so I can share with Cameron and Jake.

4.      Tell us about your special lady. What makes her special?

I don’t have a girlfriend right now. Though, I’d like to talk about stuff like that with my friend Cindy. She is in some of my classes and we ride the bus together. She’s like the morning rain compared to some of my classmates. She listens to me. Looks at me. When we talk, I forget everything but her.

Author Bio

David Arp (AKA Boo Riley) was born in Arizona, raised in Texas, and lives in Colorado. He’s 60, but has only spent half of the past 40 years at home. The other half he traveled and worked the oilfields of the world, from the deserts of the Middle East to the vast oceans offshore. When he’s not busy on a drilling rig, he spends his time writing, floating a river in his raft fly fishing, horseback, or hunting.

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Emily Conrad said…
I have a coon hound sitting right next to me, watching me as I type this comment. In his case, I'm pretty sure he is in fact a dog ;) Sounds like an interesting story!
Another great interview!
Good luck and God's blessings
Dave Arp said…
Emily Conrad, Jake is a dog too ... maybe. Thanks for visiting.
Dave Arp said…
Pamela S Thibodeaux, appreciate the visit and the blessing.
Unknown said…
Hi David,

Welcome to the PBG family. I really enjoyed your novel.
Barbara Britton
marilyn leach said…
Fun interview, Dave. Your character seems well developed. Blessings on your work. Cheers
LoRee Peery said…
This was great, it brightened my Monday.
Carol James said…
Wonderful interview. I have a Jack Russell terrier, and you're right. Our dogs often find us. Ours was a rescue, and even though we found her, she owns us.
Dave Arp said…
Thanks for all the comments and well wishes. Blessings to all.

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