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Rains of Terror by L W Rondeau

In the year 2020, due to epidemic paranoia and economic hardship, the world has already aligned itself into various alliances. The global economy has failed to recover from a twelve-year recession culminating in the recent collapse of the World Bank.
In these uncertain times, a young Jacques Fontaine expects to fulfill the conditions of his medical school scholarship through residency at Victoria Medical Center in Elizabethtown, the former Lagos, the seat of the newly formed African Alliance. Instead, after landing at Queen Elizabeth International Airport, he is taken to a remote coastal village. Thus begins Jacques’ tumultuous adventure. Caught in the crossfire of a world at war, unwilling enlisted into the Christian Militia, his travels traverse continents.
Felicia Lecroix, Nigerian born but naturalized American Citizen since the age of five, looked forward to her mission work at Victoria Medical Center, elated when Jacques received permission from the African Alliance to be assigned there to fulfill his scholarship requirements. She looks forward to working side by side with the man she loves. She knows Jacques wants to marry. Yet, the signs are everywhere. She, like most Christians, believes the current world rumblings signal Christ’s imminent return. Should she marry and start a family when the world stage is poised for God’s judgment?

Volume 1 - Hailstorms   BUY LINK
Instead of serving his residency at Victoria Medical Center in Elizabethtown, Nigeria, the African Alliance has changed his assignment to a remote village in the coastal regions. He laments his lot, but is encouraged by the people’s love and by Felicia’s visits. The assignment wouldn’t be forever, and maybe someday he and Felicia could marry and start a family. Jacques hopes are dashed when a successful coup gives government control to the Jihadist majority, throwing the entire continent of Africa into civil war.

Wow. A short read but a great beginning. The descriptions are so vivid you are immediately transported to the African jungle. You feel what Jacques does, his frustrations and fears. And just when you start to feel safe, Ms. Rondeau ups the tension and everything changes. Great cliff hanger ending and a real incentive to get the next book.
Only 37 pages, but what it lacks in length, it more than makes up for in content.

Vol 2 Tempest   BUY LINK
In a coupe by the ruling majority of the African Alliance Council, the jihadists, called Allah’s Warriors, take control over most of Africa.

Carrying on from where book one left off, this one concentrates on Jacques as he tries to search for Felicia. A short read, but just as compelling, this book plunges you into the civil war where no one trusts anyone else.


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