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Covers for the rest of the series.

I got the final four covers for the rest of the Monday's Child series. Nicola has done a fantastic job on them. Thank you so, so much. :)

Here are the covers with the provisional blurbs.

Senior prosecutor for the CPS, Niamh wakes in hospital after an accident with no knowledge of who she is or what happened. A tall man in a fire-fighter’s uniform sits beside her holding her hand. Jared claims he's her husband. Is he really? Or is he after something else? 

First on the scene at the accident, Jared Harkin is devastated when his wife no longer recognises him. Determined to help her remember, he sets about wooing her all over again, only to find this time around he has a rival

Does her current caseload have anything to do with the fact her brakes were cut or is it just coincidence she was threatened hours before the crash? Will she regain her memory before the person trying to kill her succeeds?

Patrick Page’s fast paced life as an intelligence officer for the British Government—or spook as his brother affectionately calls him leaves him little time for romance. The one girl he really loved walked out on him twelve years ago and he’s never looked back.

Eleanor Harrison, a librarian spends her days living a double life, regretting the past and paying the price for committing what she feels is the unforgivable sin. When she needs help, Patrick is the agent assigned to protect her. Can she keep her secret from him or will it destroy the fragile friendship they now have?

Aaron Field is a farmer. When his field is hired by the church for a bonfire party he is little prepared for the way it turns out. He swore off parties and bonfires several years ago. More concerned with losing the farm than anything else he has little time for church.

Meaghan Knight is a farmer’s daughter. It’s her job to make sure the bonfire party runs smoothly and if that means ironing out the kinks in surely Farmer Field then that’s what she’ll do. When she finds out what’s really behind his attitude, she is determined to help him no matter what the cost

Kiera Steele is taking a well-earned rest from the small bed and breakfast she runs in Headley Cross. She and a few friends hire a boat and go a cruise around the Solent when a storm blows up and the boat gets into difficulties. 

Blake Trant is a lifeboatman. Being called out to a dangerous rescue is nothing new for him. But this time he finds his heart in danger rather than just his life. Can she ever feel the same way? Or will yet another dangerous rescue end the relationship before its had time to begin?


Patty said…
Wow, gorgeous covers! I love covers that show the characters' faces.

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