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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Future Savior bk 3 Evacuation by Jennifer Hartz

bk 3
Faith… it seems to be revolving around everything I do and it is a hard lesson to learn. I have to have faith that I can save my brother. I have to have faith that my friends scattered all over Meric will survive. I have to have faith that all of Shaw's secrets are coming to an end. I even have to have faith in my own abilities.

The evil tyrant Leticia has sent out her dark priest Neamiah to persuade the people of Meric that she is god. The people must take her mark or die. My greatest test of faith lies ahead… I have to prove to the people of Meric that Leticia's claim to lordship is false and that the Creator is the real God.

As expected this is another heart stopping read from the pen or rather keyboard of fantasy author, Jennifer Hartz. Evacuation carries on from where Resurrection left off. Even more action, and wonderful Biblical parallels lead our band of friends from one adventure to another in their quest to defeat the evil one. Perfect for a summer's read, Evacuation is not one to be missed.

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