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Saturday, 25 December 2010

advent calender day 25

Pictures from the BBC Nativity which aired this week.
And now for todays final story

December 25th

Sophie sat by the phone. She had opened her stocking presents after breakfast, but wasn’t particularly interested in them. The rest of the presents still sat unopened under the tree. Her older brother David was building his Lego spaceship. Grandma was cooking dinner in the kitchen as Mummy had left the house very suddently before church. The phone rang and Mummy answered it. She'd burst into tears and shooed them from the room. After a bit, Grandma and Grandad arrived and Mummy went out.

It had been a horrid day. The worst Christmas ever. Normally they had dinner just after church in the morning, but not today. Then they opened all rest of the presents after the Queen’s Speech, but not today. The presents sat unopened under the tree and even though there were a few with her name on, none were what she wanted. That wouldn’t come in a box or wrapping paper. The best present of all would be Daddy coming home. That was all she’d asked Santa for and she hadn’t got it. He had to work and now Mummy was gone too.

Daddy had promised to ring. Sophie looked at the phone again, then at the clock. He wouldn’t ring now it was too late. Tears filled her eyes and she jumped down off the chair. She ran into the hallway and sat on the stairs in the dark. She wrapped her arms round her knees and leaned her head against the wall.

It was dark outside now and the lights round the door sparkled against the night sky. A car pulled up on the drive and doors slammed shut. Maybe Mummy was back. There were footsteps on the gravel and then a key turned in the lock.

Sophie looked up as a tall figure in uniform stepped into the hall, bringing a blast of cold air in with him. His uniform buttons were duller than she remembered and as he dropped his bag she hurtled across the hallway into his open arms. “Daddy!”


Happy Christmas. Hope you enjoyed these.

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