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Saturday, 16 October 2010


blog tour is cancelled, which maybe was a stupid heat of the moment thing to do, but it seemed right at the time. No going back now, just have to deal with it.

got a huge TBR pile but can't concentrate enough to read, never mind write atm. Got a week before kids off for half term and I know i'll get nothing done then.

Trying to rewrite after the fire, but it seems fairly hopeless atm. Really need to print it off and do it, but at 220 pages....even shrinking it will take masses of paper. :( Could prolly get it to 110 but...so much ink and stuff I can't spare. Sides the chapters need adjusting...some are like 15 pages long which is crazy and adjusting the font size would alter that. Maybe I just carry on as I am and then when i have more ink print it in need a magnifying glass to read this font size. :)

Not much else is happening really. Still no release date for book two, but it'll happen in its own time.

You know I follow like 30 blogs if not more. Some don't post or havent in ages but still...Maybe one day my followeres will get into double figures. Just ... no its me and I'm gonna shut up now before I once more say something I shouldn't do.

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