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Sunday, 24 October 2010


Yes its nearly that time of year again when several thousand crazy ppls across the world attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. Thirty days to be precise. Kick off is Nov 1st. This yr I am aiming for 100k but will settle for between 50 and 75. To that end I found a 75k calander on the nano site for my desktop. Main problem is I don't write on a Sunday, so only have 26 days to complete it.

If I could make my own calander I would, but I am hopeless at making them. Can't get photoshop to co-operate to save my life.

anyway... Nano novel this year stars Emmy Rossum as the heroine and Yannick Bisson as the hero.

Working title: Guilty...of love in the first degree.


Tanith Page, was born deaf. With her hearing dog, Jacob, she runs the florist on the High Street in Headley Cross. An innocent bystander, she becomes an eye witness to the attempted assassination of the Prime Minister. As the only person who can ID the shooter, she becomes the sole property of Detective Sgt Nate Holmes, protective services.
Assigned to protect her, until the assassin is found, Nate finds himself falling hard and fast for her until they are both guilty of love in the first degree.

Extract - obv doesn't count towards word count

Nate looked at her. "Do you have to bring God into everything?"

Tanith nodded. "Of course. Why? Don't you?"

"God is for..." He turned around cutting off the rest of his words as she couldn't read his lips.

Tanith sighed. He knew how infuriating that was and she was sure he did it deliberately at times. She looked down at Jacob who sat by her feet, his nose resting on her lap. "Well I have no idea what he said, but I can make a good guess. God is for church, Sundays and religious nuts. Guess that makes me a fruit cake." She ruffled his ears. "Wanna run around the garden?" She glanced up seeing the scowl on Nate's face deepen. "I'm sure if you ask our friendly police officer nicely he'd let you outside for five minutes."

If you want to follow my progress, there will be updates on here, but my nano page is HERE

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The Paper Doll said...

I like it--you pack a lot of tension into that tiny extract! I've always meant to try the novel in a month challenge but just haven't worked up the nerve:)