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Monday, 7 June 2010

I still here

Curled up in a heap, trying to write, but not suceeding. 2 of the kids went back to school today, but as I have an inset day so does J. Spent the last couple hours watching PS I love you and trying to convince her that Gerry is really the Phantom. Don't think I managed.

I did get an emergency docs appt tho - :O

gives you a minute to appreciate that.

My doc not there today and the receptionist was going into full, sorry you'll have to ring tomorrow routine, when i said - but i'm having a reaction to the meds... and all of a sudden she found me an appt for this afty.

I ended up texting my ER consultant sis last night and my GP bro in law, describing how I felt and asking their opinion. Both said I should go back. Maybe now they'll refer me for a hysterectomy. Either way I'm no longer taking the pill. I've taken it before for years, albeit before the kids, and I NEVER ended up on fire like I am now.

wait who am I trying to kid. They won't even give me the migraine pills that work cos they be too expensive!

Shame I don't have the money to go private and have it done. I hate my whole life being dependant on the 9 free days a month I have. Tho this month is was three and those I spent being the nastiest, grouch there ever was. Even hubby kept his distance and just said yes dear.

Okay this is turning into a way TMI post.

Okay, assuming you are still here - :P if you not - it was the carival this weekend. Nice sunshine, sat on the front grass, watching the procession go past the front door. Dried the washing on the line. Had major kid hassles. TMI again.

Hmmm.... maybe I just go back to the novel. Doing one for the rescue dawn cover on WRP. Mind you I have Season in edits with Nicola, one she asked for a full m/s for once we finish Season so no idea when this will get sent in. Mind you, have to finish it first.

And then there's the one I have planned out. The story of Cassie and Jack. That's Pastor Jack who keeps cropping up in all the others I've written. Decided the guy needs his own story. And I have it planned.

Def too many pies and not a big enough oven to cook them all in :)

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