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A Tuscan Legacy - La Risposta - Autumn Macarther

One marriage ends, as another begins.
Or can faith and forgiveness save Peppe and Teresa's life together?

When the harvest celebrations and a family wedding bring the eight cousins back to the the villa at summer's end, along with their new beloveds, the final secrets are revealed, along with the solution to the puzzle of the unsigned paintings.
But can these secrets be forgiven, healing old wounds and mending broken hearts, or will the mistakes of the past be repeated?
The future of a marriage about to crumble depends on the answer!

Note to readers: this book uses British English and grammar.

A Tuscan Legacy is Book 9 in the series and brings it to an end.


Instead of returning to her vegetable garden, Teresa Pellegrini rushed into the farmhouse. Hidden behind heavy curtains, she watched the slender dark-haired woman trudge away, shoulders drooping, head lowered.
Resentment and fear roiled Teresa’s stomach as her gaze followed the woman to the farm gate then onto the road. Life was so unfair. Bile tainting her mouth, she swallowed.
Only when the woman and her friend rode off on their bicycles did she allow herself to slump into a chair and cover her face with her hands.
Dio Padre, what have I done?
At first, of course, she’d no idea who the visitor was. Just a passer-by who’d seen the gallery sign on the gate. Some of her best sales came that way.
Only after the woman showed her a photo filling the phone’s small screen did she guess. When she recognised the sunflower dress in the portrait — and the wearer. The Inglese. Then she knew who the visitor must be.
Knew who the artist was, too.
Though she hadn’t lied. She truly had never seen the painting before.
Rachel Golding, here in her gallery. As if God sent the woman here.  An uncomfortable reminder of the secret Tessa had kept, chewing its bitterness over and over these past months.
The secret she’d have to confess, sooner or later.
And when she did, her marriage would end. It would kill the little they had between them. She couldn’t do it. Even thinking the words she’d have to say made her tremble. Their life together bore no resemblance to the life she’d she dreamed of. No passion, no spark. But what they had was better than nothing.
Wrong though it felt to pray for God to help her hide what she’d done, it was all she could do. Pray her husband didn’t find out.
Because he would never forgive her for this.

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