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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Enigma of Fire by Marilyn Leech

Avaliable now for pre-order

Enigma of Fire: A Berdie Elliott Pentecost Mystery
LOG LINE:  In the English village of Aidan Kirkwood, no divine gifts are going spare when Berdie Elliott flames into action and demystifies the enigma of fire.

When English village, Aidan Kirkwood, experiences an explosive fire, the entire parish is aflame with rumor and innuendo until Berdie Elliott, the scorching sleuth and vicar’s wife, can douse the flames with cold, hard facts that expose the perpetrator.  A heroic dog, elusive book, and military champions come together to reveal the enigma of fire.

“Cedric, Don’t chance it. Please,” Doug’s voice trembled as he shot out the command.
“Don’t what?” Berdie asked herself as much as Doug.
“Down, Mrs. Elliott.”  Doug’s eyes wide, his breathing was short and rapid for the toil of making his wheels go toward them as fast as he could manage.
“Down?  What are you talking about?”

Berdie suddenly experienced a jolt to her body that propelled her to the ground with such force it left her breathless.  A stab of pain coursed through her while the reverberation of full-on colliding trains penetrated her ears.  The horrific ache that shot through her knees focused her senses as she tried to gather her thoughts.  Grass etched itself into her cheek, making it itch.  Then the smell of acrid smoke assaulted her nose.  She worked to catch a breath of air.  What’s happened? 

Are you an Agatha Christie fan?  Does the thought of an English village make you long to grab your passport and head across the pond?  Are cozy mysteries your cup of tea?  If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you won’t want to miss Marilyn Leach’s newest release, Enigma of Fire

Intrepid heroine Berdie Elliott, a vicar’s wife whose sleuthing skills were honed as an investigative reporter, faces her most challenging mystery yet when her husband’s former military comrades come to the sleepy village of Aiden Kirkwood for a sculling regatta.  From its riveting prologue to the final resolution, this story showcases Leach at her best. 
Amanda Cabot, CBA and ECPA bestselling author

Marilyn Leach is a dyed-in-the-wool British enthusiast who lives lakeside near the Colorado foothills.  She enjoys viewing and reading mysteries that originate across the pond.  From the Scottish Boarders to Devon, city buzz to rural church bells, she enjoys excursions throughout the beautiful isle that inspire her writing.  Her dear friends, who have become like family, live in Reading, England.  

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marilyn leach said...

Clare, thanks for having me on your site today. I love cozy mysteries, and this one was so much fun to write. And thank you for all the fine reading you have created in your great romances as well. Cheers