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Saturday, 9 March 2013


What do you get when you cross EFC, Star Trek, and Babylon 5?

A cast in a new sci fi film currently in pre-production. But like anything creative that's worth doing, it costs time and money. In order to even get to this stage, hours have been spent writing and rewriting the script. And take it from someone who knows, that in itself is exhausting.

The script finished, cast assembled, the next stage is filming. But this needs props and costumes and visual effects. Let's face it,  if Liam Kincaid was protecting Da'an with a piece of cardboard that said GUN or Dr. McCoy was trying to save a patient with a cereal box labelled TRICORDER no one would take them seriously and the fan base would not exist.
And yes I still get shivers watching certain scenes in EFC where Liam's hands glow with the Shaqarava which wouldn't have worked without the CGI.

None of this comes cheap. So there is a fund raising campaingn going on over on INDIEGOGO. There are various thank you's from the cast and director for the donations.

Watch the short film

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