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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Southern Fried Christmas by Marian Merritt

Love: purer than Colorado snow, deeper than a Louisiana bayou. 

The Colorado Rockies have always been home to journalist Kelly Shepherd, but after the death of her father, and facing her first Christmas alone, she accepts an assignment that leads her deep into Louisiana’s Cajun country. 

Since his wife’s death, Denny Labouve has focused his attention on his ten-year-old daughter and the family business, but Kelly sparks the dying embers of his heart even as a Christmas cold front moves through his beloved Cajun country. 

Will Denny and Kelly be able to trust God to bridge the span between the Colorado Rockies and the Louisiana bayou?

The first thing you notice are the chapter titles aren't in English, but Cajun. Then the book plunges you into the south, a land totally unfamiliar to me, yet the descriptions are so vivid that after a couple of pages, that didn’t matter. I learned about the culture and customs at the same time Kelly did. Ms. Merritt weaves a homespun Christmas story that warms you and leaves you wanting more.

Marian Merritt, a native of south Louisiana, began her love affair with the written word while sitting on her grandparent’s front porch swing reading. Her articles have appeared in magazines, newspapers, and the online site www.livestrong.com. She holds a B.S. degree in physical therapy and an accounting certificate from the University of South Alabama. Marian writes from the home she shares with her husband in NW Colorado. To learn more and to purchase "Southern Fried Christmas", visit www.marianmerritt.com.

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Mary Manners said...

I absolutely LOVED this story. You can read my review on amazon.com. Congratulations, Marian!