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Monday, 10 December 2012

Home Before Dark by Lily Maytree

When catastrophe strikes, Stella Madison is forced to jump out of her quiet life of retirement and back into the swamps of the working world. Just for a little while. Except things have changed out there. Before she can get in and out without trouble, she gets tangled up in the kind of nightmare you only see on TV. Is she the victim or the criminal? But suddenly even that doesn't matter. Because any way you look at it… it's murder.

         Stella moved closer and looked so intently into his green eyes that he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “Don’t you agree, Colonel Henry, that if we start changing our basics as quickly as we change our politics, society will soon be going in circles instead of moving forward?”
          “Do you...” he drummed impatient fingers on the table, “have some sort of a petition you would like me to sign? Is that it?”
         “Well, if you think it would help. What exactly should it say?”
         “How should I know what it should say? I have a hard enough time deciding what I should say about things I do know something about. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.”
         “What would you say...” Stella persisted. “If I told you there isn’t a single copy of Huckleberry Finn in this entire library?”
         “Considering the way people feel about racial slurs these days...” He returned his attention to the screen, then, as if the conversation were over. “I’d say it was good riddance.”
         “Obviously...” Stella was beginning to feel somewhat impatient herself. “You have never personally read it. Huckleberry Finn is a plea for us to be less bigoted in this world—not the other way around.”
         “Whatever it is a plea for, it doesn’t concern me.”
         “Spoken like every other pompous, self-centered citizen who thinks the world owes you something and not that other way round!” Stella smacked the facing lid of his briefcase closed, and turned smartly to leave.
         How was she supposed to know he had a hot cup of coffee sitting in there?


A short 40 page read about an elderly lady, Stella, who's normal life is suddenly ripped from her. From that moment trouble follows her every move. Everything she knows and  takes for granted changes but she doens't let that deter her. This one is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

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Mary Manners said...

What a wonderful excerpt! My interest is piqued. Gonna hget my copy today!!!

Lilly Maytree said...

Hello, Clare... thank you so much for having me here! I'm a little late in stopping by, as I am traveling today and between planes, but it is always such a pleasure to visit here. Love the idea of all these Christmas spotlights, and am looking forward to browsing through all of them when I get home. Meanwhile, many blessings on you and your family for a merry Christmas!

Lilly Maytree said...

Hi, Mary... thank you for the kind words. I had a wonderful time writing about Stella Madison... could be there's something about her I relate to! Merry Christmas to you, and thanks for coming by to take a look.

Dave said...

Great idea,love the character of Stella. With her attitude she is headed for interesting adventures. Looking forward to more

Lilly Maytree said...

Thank you, Dave... coming from a man, that says a lot! And as for more adventures for Stella and the Colonel? They're on the way...