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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas in the Revell house

Inspired by Delia's post HERE I thought I'd show you some of my decorations. Each year I buy one new ornament of some description. Or I make one. So below we have my new one and last years. This years is the Nativity scene. The candle, so I keep telling the kids, is to look and and Not to burn.


These ones I got in the US in 2005. Rhys, Ceryn and Jess have one each which they can put on the tree and take with them when they leave home.

My Aussie sister in law and bro also send me an ornament each year, and I send them one. This is the Aussie one for this year.

And then there's the playmobile. That is so much fun.One year Mary took the baby Jesus for a walk in the buggy to find the shepherd as he hadn't turned up. Last year evil shepherd kept tying ppl to the train tracks. One year the air ambulance arrived twice. Once to take Mary to hospital to have the baby as the stable was too disgusting and unsafe. And then later on as Mary and Joseph had taken Jesus abseiling and the rope had broken and they all needed to go to A&E so Auntie Lynne could fix them.

And then there's Elf. Home made.

Rhys's stocking he made in primary school

The decoration Jess made in primary school

The stars Rhys and Ceryn made in nursery school

The advent calendar I made years ago. Each picture is hidden by a bag with chocolate in.

The cross stitch nativity I made.

The banner I made the first year we were married. Still comes out every year.

The tree in all it's glory with the original angel. She came with me when I got married so she must be around 25yrs old now.

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Delia Latham said...

Clare! I loved this tour of your Christmas decorations! I love that so many of them have special meaning to you or were handmade by you and/or your children. Thank you for letting me peek into your home at Christmas! :)

Merry Christmas to you and your family!